Summer 2010. Great job market? OR, the GREATEST job market?

When I graduated from college in 2010, President Clinton was wrapping up his second term and the economy was stronger than ever.  Employers were handing out job offers like they were coupons.  In fact, my starting salary at my very first job was more than, well, now [note to self: re-evaluate life].

Unfortunately for the college graduates of 2010, times have changed.  Last year, journalists ran around screaming that it was the worst year to ever graduate from college.  Now, they are saying it’s the worst year ever, EVER to graduate from college.  Daily Finance reported last week that U.S. employers are expecting to hire 7% fewer college graduates than from last year. 

Well college seniors, the way I see it, you have two options. 

1.  You can mope around your parents’ house for the next year whining about how overeducated and underappreciated you are.  It’s attractive.  And fun.

2.  You can look at the glass half full and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  You are young, energetic and best of all, FREE!  Pack up your stuff and volunteer abroad.  Get a job waitressing on a beach.  DO SOMETHING. 

To the Class of 2010, a few words of wisdom.  Your first job out of college is awful no matter what the job market.  You don’t have professional experience.  I was walking dogs, shoveling snow, and carrying a beeper on weekends to buy rich people milk if they got thirsty.  Stop looking for your dream job.  It’s not going to happen at 21. 

Live your life!  There is a small window of time before marriage, kids, responsibility…make the most of it!  And, the best part is, if you are smart and creative about it, you can also make yourself more marketable when the job market bounces back.  According to Yahoo Finance, employers are also now looking for volunteer work, part-time jobs in another field or industry, and internships in competitive applicants.  You can explore the world AND enhance your resume simultaneously.  Fancy that.

May the force be with you.


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