Calling Austin and Boston! Come out!

Last night, I was due to speak at REI in Hingham, MA about volunteering abroad.  I was planning to talk about the types of international service projects available in developing countries, what to expect once you are living and volunteering overseas, and how to get started in planning your adventure. 

It was like the scene of a blind date gone awry.  I’m standing at the front of the room, watching the clock tick minute by minute past 6:30p.  I sift through my papers for the 4th time to make sure I feel good with my content.  I hear a noise and look up at the door hopefully only to discover that someone shut the door to the bathroom outside. 

I’ll blame it on the rain.  Of course, the sky opened up 20 minutes before my presentation was due to start and you could barely see five feet in front of you.  And, if you are familiar with Boston, you know the traffic situation heading on 93S during rush hour.  It was worse than usual.  It’s the days when I’m sitting in hail in gridlock when I really miss New England. 

The silver lining in this story is that you have another chance to learn about volunteering abroad TONIGHT at the REI in Boston!  We don’t want to recreate the scene of last night people.

If you are in Austin, swing by Molotov at 6p for our Nepal Building Project Fundraiser.  Austin-based Ariel Abshire will be performing to support the cause.


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