I get by with a little help from my friends

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m new to the social media game.  For seven years, I worked for a reasonalby sized international education organization with offices in over fifty countries throughout the world.  While it was an entrepreneurial environment, everybody had their job and set responsibilities to some degree.  I worked in sales, new business development, customer service, and even office management but steered clear of marketing.  It wasn’t my thing. 

Now that I’m starting my own non-profit, there is no such thing as not my thing.

One of my closest friends, @atxsarah, is the Manager of Communications at Meals on Wheels and More in Austin, Texas, where she is responsible for strategies and content development related to public relations, marketing, social media, graphic design and multimedia.  She has helped me immensely over the past few months to navigate the maze that is social media.  Sure, I had a personal profile like the rest of the world on facebook but I had no idea about the business uses of Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, or the numerous other free resources that were at my fingertips.  And once I did know what was out there, decoding it seemed daunting.  Luckily for me, Sarah gave me her own version of social media 101 and a few good books to read on the subject.

After completing my assigned reading, I created profiles on every social media page in the universe and set to work.  In my Twitter wanderings, I stumbled across Ken Grant, the social media guru in Delaware where I currently live.  It is pretty incredible what he and others have accomplished to connect players in this area.  From the moment we met, he has been extremely supportive of Edge of Seven and has done whatever he can to introduce me to the entrepreneurial community here as well as get the word out about my organization.  I met him for coffee last Friday and instead of the usual chit chat over a latte, he introduced me to the founder of the CoIN Loft, a trendy coworking space in downtown Wilmington, shot a quick video about our recent and future projects in Nepal, AND made a phone call to add me to the speaker list at tomorrow night’s Ignite Dover presentations.  This was in one hour’s time. 

Ken says on his blog, “I firmly believe that the key to growth as an individual, a family, a community, and a society – is communication.”  I’d have to say that I couldn’t agree more.


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