Where does the name “Edge of Seven” come from?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve encountered this question time and time again.  I’m not surprised.  It’s not like the name “Edge of Seven” explains itself.  So, I’d like to debunk the mystery for those who are interested.

Edge (noun): the threshold of danger or ruin (living on the edge)

Seven (noun): considered to be a lucky number; the number of continents, seas, and wonders of the ancient world

Edge is our heart.  When I was thinking about names for a volunteering-abroad-in-developing-countries-around-the-world nonprofit, I was looking for a word that signified adventure.  Enter “edge”.  I strive to create a bold experience that pushes volunteers since I believe that real discovery happens outside of one’s comfort zone.  Further, intercultural cooperation happens when you feel how people live halfway across the world.  These adventures are challenging, but fun.  Katie, our youngest volunteer at seventeen on the Nepal Building Project, put it perfectly when she said:

“I’ve never left a trip wanting to return as much as I have with this particular stay in Jarang, Nepal.  At first I was super anxious, no electricity?  No running water?  Manual labor?  Ehhh…  But, when I got here my mindset did a 180.  Now, I’m like electricity?  Who needs it?  And running water?  Give me a bucket of cold water on a hot day and I’m set.  This trip has finally taught me what’s necessary in life.  Water, Dal Bhat, an occasional shower and a job to do.  Oh, and an overbearing Aama who loves you with all her heart after three days.”

Seven is our vision.  We’d like to support projects on all seven continents in the future.  We’ll grow slowly because the most important piece of the puzzle is that we find the RIGHT projects.  Projects that are community driven, sustainable, and respond to genuine need.  Those projects exist all over the world and we’re excited to find them.

Edge of Seven, in name and in spirit, was created to offer the unique opportunity to work side-by-side locals who face different challenges, possess different histories, and see the world through different eyes.


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