A Girl in Nepal Interview Series: Amrit Karki

This week, we’re interviewing five girls in five days from the Everest region of Nepal.  These girls are potential candidates for spots in the hostel that we are beginning to build this fall.  Their stories are a daily reminder why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Amrit, what is your age?

What are you hoping to do after you graduate?
I want to be a social worker.

Who are the important people in your life?
I have my mom and dad, two younger brothers, and four elder sisters.  My dad works as a load carrier from Jiri to Namche and my mom farms.

Why are you hoping to get a spot in the hostel?
I can’t afford to stay in a rented room and I am not allowed to stay in many places because I am from the lower caste.  I can’t walk every day from here to Salleri [8 hours one way].  So, this is the only option left for me.

Why do you want to go onto higher secondary school?
I don’t want to work as my mom and dad have.  I want to change the society because we are discriminated against as a lower caste every place and I wish that for my generation and after, all will be educated and there will be no discrimination.  That would be very good.


2 thoughts on “A Girl in Nepal Interview Series: Amrit Karki

  1. These interviews have been great so far. They really help illuminate the glaring need for a hostel and personalize the struggles that these girls face.

    It’s not just a place for these women to sleep. It’s a means to a better future.

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