A Girl in Nepal Interview Series: Sishu Kala Rai

Today we will wrap up the “A Girl in Nepal” Interview Series.  Nick summed it up perfectly in his comment earlier this week.

“These interviews have been great so far. They really help illuminate the glaring need for a hostel and personalize the struggles that these girls face.

It’s not just a place for these women to sleep. It’s a means to a better future.”  – NC

How can YOU get involved?

Volunteer.  You can volunteer your time in Nepal or at home.  We need people to help us spread the word about Edge of Seven.  We need YOU to create a movement.  Email us today.

Donate.  Every single dollar donated goes directly to the field.  Every single dollar helps a girl in Nepal build a better future.

Change begins with YOU.

Sishu Kala Rai, how old are you?
20 years old

What would you like to do when you are older?
I want to be a teacher.

Tell me about your family.
We are 9 people, economically poor.

Why would you want a spot in the hostel?
I can’t walk every day from my home to the hostel.  It takes 4 hours (one way) to reach Salleri.  I also would like a spot in the hostel for safety and a better studying environment.  I cannot pay for a rental room but the hostel is a safe, good environment and free of cost so that I can continue my education.

Why do you want to go onto higher secondary school?
It is my dream to be a teacher because we don’t have a lady teacher in our village.  I think lady teachers are better than boy teachers for girl students.


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