“If you don’t give back no one will like you” -Crowdrise

We are in the process of overhauling the Edge of Seven website.  For those that love it, don’t worry!  It’ll have the same feel with way more content.  For Chuck Burt, it won’t be in Flash. 

The process of writing a website can drive you insane.  I’m beyond lucky that my brother, Dan, and good friend, Sarah, are writers but I’m sure that they can say that they are equally as tired of reading pages of copy.  You have to think about audience, tone, wording, brevity.  You have to look at sites you love and sites you hate.  You have to try to be funny without offending anyone.  It’s exhausting.

This week, I was sent to a site that has decided not to worry about any of it.  The result: content genius.  It’s a website where you actually want to read every page because it is laugh-out-loud hilarious.  And, it’s for a good cause.  Crowdrise, created by Edward Norton and frequented by other celebrities, was designed to make fundraising easy and fun.  Here’s how they put it:

Crowdrise is about volunteering, raising money for Charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it. Crowdrise is way more fun than anything else aside from being all nervous about trying to kiss a girl for the first time and her not saying something like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’

They make it simple.  You set up a profile in about 5 minutes and then create fundraising projects for causes that you’d like to support.  Seth Rogan currently has a campaign going that is titled, “Kick Alzheimer’s in the Ass”.  Jonah Hill is raising money to end Malaria and comments, “I hate Malaria. You should too. $10 buys a bednet that will save a kid’s life. Please donate! Come on. It’s cool!!! Malaria’s not. 10 bucks”.  Will Ferrell is supporting a scholarship fund for cancer survivors but doing so in Will Ferrell fashion.  “Hey Kids! Donate $27 to my project in August and you’ll get ALL 3 flavors of my sexy sunscreen. Let’s kick cancer where the sun don’t shine.” 

It’s brilliant.  Check it out.  And, if you are looking for a cause to support, feel free to get behind Edge of Seven.  We’re at http://www.crowdrise.com/edgeofseven.  We can’t be funny.  But you can.


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