My close encounter with George Clooney

I have always had a crush on George Clooney.  Sadly, I think I got as close to him as I’ll ever get yesterday.  And that was on a blog.  If you have a huge computer and you scroll to the bottom of my photo, you can just barely see the top of Clooney’s gorgeous head.  He was looking stunning at the Emmy’s.  I hadn’t showered in 3 days and was wearing clothes drenched in dirt.  The story of my life.

George Clooney aside, I was interviewed recently on the blog Change by Doing by Andrew Mersmann.  Andrew is the author of the global guide to Volunteer Vacations:  Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference.  In addition to writing books and serving as the Editor in Chief of Passport Magazine, Andrew has volunteered his time around the globe.  I am humbled to be mentioned on his site and extremely grateful for the introduction to his readership.  Thanks Andrew!

And George, if you google yourself every day like I suspect you might, and my blog pops up on your search, feel free to mention “Edge of Seven” in your next Emmy’s speech.


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