Happy 1st Birthday to Edge of Seven!

One year ago, on 9/9/09, I was packed and ready to fly to Asia for 5 months.  I had already had no fewer than 4 emotional breakdowns saying goodbye to family and friends.  My stomach was turning with uncertainty towards the future.  But at the same time, I felt free.  I was excited to turn the page to the next chapter in my life.

Now, it’s hard to say when [exactly] Edge of Seven began.  Over the course of volunteering for five months in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Cambodia, it became clear that this was the next path.  But, every child needs a birthday so I’ll give mine the day I stepped foot on the plane.  And 9/9/09 has a nice ring to it.

Edge of Seven has come a long way in the last year.  We have researched partners in developing countries and learned how to distinguish the diamonds in the rough.  We have been formally recognized as a public charity so that we can create awareness and financial support the meaningful work of grassroots organizations throughout the developing world.  We have completed our first big project, building a primary school in Nepal, and were both humbled and educated by that life-changing experience.  And now, as we turn 1, we can look forward to goals and benchmarks for the coming year.

It takes a village [literally] and I’d like to thank a few key people for helping us to see our 1st birthday.  They are the “we” that I reference.  Thanks to Sarah and Travis for your help in Nepal and every step along the way.  Thank you to S+T, Kate, Scott, and Peg for inspiring me through our board meetings, dinners, and phone calls.  I’d like to thank every single person that has donated to our projects and continues to donate to our projects.  A HUGE thanks to the first crew of volunteers, including my dad, in Jarang.  If I could bring that crew on every trip, I would.  And finally, a very special thank you to Binod, Jude, Paul, Dan, Lilly, and BJ.

If you would like to make a donation to Edge of Seven as a birthday present, you can at http://www.crowdrise.com/edgeofseven.  Help hard.


3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday to Edge of Seven!

  1. Congrats, Er. To many more.

  2. Happy birthday, Edge of Seven! You accomplished much in your first year.

  3. Edge of Seven has had a wonderful first year. I always think of the young kids faces, especially your favorite Smush, and how they will benefit someday from the school that was built in Jarang. Thank you for providing me with an awesome experience of a lifetime. You are well on your way to a successful second year as well!!!

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