Is Social Change the New Frat Party?

Does anybody else have dreams that they are back in college and are surprised with a huge mid-term exam that they knew nothing about?  (I also have frequent dreams about hostage situations.  Analyze away.)  Well, tomorrow I’m headed up to Cornell to face the demons.  In truth, I can’t wait to head back to Ithaca.  I loved Ithaca in September and October.  The daily snow from November through May I could have lived without but September and October are GORGES.  I had to do it.

I’ll be speaking with student leaders, philanthropic chairs (who are also students), and women (students) interested in supporting women across the world.  I have been beyond impressed by the sense of social responsibility instilled in the next generation.  [I cannot believe I graduated from college 10 years ago.]

Back when I was in school, a big weekend was doing “The Wall” at the Palms, our college haunt.  The Wall consisted of drinking 21 different beers, in succession, over the course of an afternoon.  You started with an easy beer like Bud Light and ended with heavy beers like Guinness.  If you did it without taking a break or throwing up, you achieved the ultimate college accomplishment and your name was put on, wait for it, The Wall.  The only reason I never attempted this stunning feat was because I couldn’t afford 21 beers.

Don’t get me wrong.  If I roll up to The Palms tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon, I’m sure I wouldn’t be drinking alone.  But, between this weekend in NYC and this upcoming visit to Cornell, I have been inspired by the student movement that is about to take this country by storm.  One thousand students gave up a fall weekend, traveled to NYC, scrambled for affordable housing for the weekend, and woke up at 6a to talk about the world.  Students are coming out tomorrow and Thursday in Ithaca to learn how they can fundraise, volunteer abroad, and address the challenges that face the world.  They have realized something that other generations have yet to realize.  It’s not THE world, it’s OUR world.  And, change has to start somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Is Social Change the New Frat Party?

  1. Hey, as a former Cornellian lemme say cool, and the palms is a great bar, and way to go with social change. Cornell, despite its image of variety and acceptence, could use a bit of social change. when i departed and received my diploman in may 2010, it looked like the majority of the population had collapsed into blackberry wielding rich long islanders. not that this is wrong, its just limiting. i’m going to homecoming as well, good luck with your networking/speaking! check me out at for more cornell stuff

  2. As a college student myself, I do think this generation is AT LEAST becoming more aware of the need for social change. Involvement in social justice organizations is definitely increasing…and that is a good thing, even if it is only a “trend” right now, at least good is happening.

    Your thoughts were interesting to read. Thanks!

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