Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Tonight

Every time I start to miss living in Boston, I show up during rainy season.  It’s unfortunate that rainy season coincides with 2010.

I am pumped about our fundraiser tonight at The Rattlesnake!   Top 10 reasons why I’m excited:

  1. Free beer. 
  2. Ryan Larkin is guest speaking about his experience in Nepal.  Bring your tissues.
  3. I love parking on Boylston Street.  I really enjoyed getting a $25 ticket on Boylston Street yesterday while I was paying my meter.
  4. Lillie (not my sister-in-law but Lilly, you’d make an excellent guest speaker) is going to share with us how we can quit our jobs and travel the world!
  5. A raffle.  For a few extra bucks, you have a shot at: a month at a sweet gym or gym classes, dinner at a Nepali restaurant, Nike-bucks, a daypack from REI, Bruins tickets, the VIP room with apps at McGreevy’s Pub, a weekend of boarding for your pup, free flowers for your loved one, or a NEMO tent.  I will be entering my tickets in all jars.
  6. Free beer.
  7. Dr. Samira Luitel, from Nepal, has worked with minority groups and women for their educational enhancement and empowerment since the 1970s.  She’ll share her thoughts on the past and vision for the future.
  8. The world premiere of our video about this summer’s project in Jarang, Nepal, courtesy of Sarah Andrews and Travis Hughbanks.  Those two have some serious talent.
  9. The weather forecast calls for partly sunny and 79 degrees!  Goodbye rainy season.
  10. Free beer.

If you are in Boston, be there.  If you can’t make it but would like to donate to the cause, you can do so at our Crowdrise site.


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