New Year’s ACTION.

Here’s a topic: The Top 5 Reasons to hit up Nepal in January.  Discuss.

1.  The Dal Bhat Diet. 
We all gain weight around the holidays.  I’ve been popping chocolates like they are blueberries.  What’s better than the crowded gym in January filled with resolutions and guilt?  The Himalayas.

2. Fresh Air.
The sun seems to be setting around 2p these days.  With lofty goals of going for an evening run, I’ve been opting for the evening glass of wine instead.  Is anyone with me?

3.  Change.
Everyone starts the year with great intentions.  Isn’t that was New Year’s Resolutions are all about?!  This year, start with action.  In 2011, make a difference in 40 girls’ lives.  And, your own.

4.  Laughter.
Living in a rural village in Nepal is not natural.  It’s uncomfortable, at times.  You shower with a bucket of water, eat with your hands, and use squat toilets.  But, in fumbling to adjust, there is laughter everywhere. 

5. New Eyes.
Sorry, no Lasik eye surgery in Nepal.  But, this trip will rock your perspective. 

We are sending a group of volunteers to Nepal on January 24th.  These volunteers will be supporting local efforts to build a hostel for 40 college-bound girls from rural areas where education isn’t accessible.  They will live with Nepali host families, curl up in a sleeping bag each night, and do manual labor like manual labor has never been done before.  They will LIVE.

Want to make a difference in 2011?  Join them.


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