International Human Rights Day in Cambodia

International Human Rights Day in Cambodia

At Edge of Seven, we offer group projects in Nepal.  We also offer individual, customized programs in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Cambodia.  We connect volunteers with community based organizations that are searching for their experience or skill set to confront the development challenges facing girls today.  A member of the Edge of Seven team has visited and observed each international organization that we support.  By joining a project, volunteers can expect to be dealing with real issues and problems at the ground-level. 

Our individual programs are a short-term alternative to the Peace Corps.  Recognizing that many volunteers cannot dedicate two or more years to international service, we customize programs based on a person’s timeframe, skill set, and experience.  We offer start dates on the first and third Monday of each month in Asia and our programs have a one-month minimum.  Typically, if volunteers travel solo, they will be placed in an urban or suburban area where English is spoken more freely.  Currently, we have three volunteers serving in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

On Friday, December 10th, the local staff of Edge of Seven Cambodia organized two fantastic events for its volunteers in celebration of International Human Rights Day. In the morning, volunteers were invited to join Phnom Penh residents in a peaceful human rights march along the city’s scenic riverfront. Edge of Seven also invited children from several of the orphanages at which their volunteers work. The march concluded with a series of speeches (including those from the American and German ambassadors), dance performances and indigenous music.

On Friday evening, Edge of Seven volunteers and local university students joined together at The Colonial Bar & Restaurant for a friendly human rights trivia competition. The trivia questions included those in categories such as women’s rights, labor rights and human rights history. They also served to address popular misconceptions about human rights. Although the questions were difficult, the participants rose to the challenge spectacularly, demonstrating the breadth and depth of their knowledge.

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