New Year. New City. New Goals.

New Year.

I signed my first check with ’11 on the end and it felt energizing to *officially* turn the page.  But, we can’t rush into 2011 without taking a moment to reflect on the highlights of 2010.  In our first year of operation, we:

  • Raised $40,000 in individual donations (THANK YOU!)
  • Sent 36 volunteers to projects in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Cambodia
  • Held 7 fundraisers to raise money for project materials in Boston, Wilmington, Newark, Denver, Austin, and London
  • Built a primary school in Jarang, Nepal and began construction on a hostel to house 40 college-bound girls from rural areas where education is not accessible
  • Earned 501c3 nonprofit status

New City.

We have MOVED our headquarters to Denver, Colorado!  By “moving our headquarters” I mean that I packed up all of my worldly belongings in my car and drove from Delaware to Colorado late last week.  Note to self: do not move cross country in December.  Despite sleet, blizzard conditions, and gale force winds, I arrived on New Year’s Eve to excitement in the air and snow on the ground.  We are thrilled to extend our reach to the west but maintain our strong foundation through our network of supporters back east. 

New Goals.

With a clean slate, what do we want to accomplish in 2011?  Here are a few of our lofty goals:

  • Raise $100,000 in individual contributions, corporate sponsorships, and grants
  • Send 100 volunteers to projects in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Cambodia
  • Hold 25 fundraisers in cities throughout the world for project materials
  • Complete our hostel project in the Everest Region of Nepal in June, tackle a drinking water project in rural Nepal in the fall, and begin exploring the possibility of additional projects in Nepal and beyond
  • Build a library of videos to connect Americans to the challenges that face developing countries and take our show on the road
  • Launch our new website!

Happy New Year!


One thought on “New Year. New City. New Goals.

  1. Happy New Year and I’m sure you’ll reach and exceed your 2011 goals. Awesome work in 2010!

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