The Power of the Social Network

I never cease to be amazed by the power of the interweb.

  • On Monday, I reconnected with a friend from high school over Facebook.  She is currently a stay-at-home mom with a law degree and valuable professional experience looking to get involved in nonprofit work.  And, she’s awesome.  By Friday, she was our new Development Director and is on the case to find grants opportunities to push Edge of Seven to the next level.
  • On Tuesday, @atxsarah sent me the link to a cool new website called SparkedSparked is the world’s first microvolunteering network.  Nonprofits post challenges to the network. Volunteers post one or more answers to each challenge.  This week, eager volunteers have given Edge of Seven advice on how to get more traffic to our blog, provided feedback on our tagline, and divulged social media tips.
  • On Wednesday, I attended a webinar, sponsored by 85 Broads, about Kate Reid’s return to Nepal after 7 years.  What is 85 Broads?  Who is Kate Reid? 
    85 Broads is a global network of 25,000 trailblazing women who are inspired, empowered, and connected.  Kate is the leader of an adventure travel company for women who I connected to after joining 85 Broads because we both share a passion for Nepal.  She taught English in a school outside of Kathmandu in 2003 and recently returned to visit the school and her host family.  I found her by searching “Nepal” when I joined the network.  As a result of a contact made in the Q+A after her talk, I am now connected to Next Generation Nepal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconnecting trafficked children with their families in postwar Nepal.
  • On Thursday, I reached out over email to John Wood, the Founder of Room to Read.  In 2010, John quit his senior executive position with Microsoft and built a global team to work with rural villages to build sustainable solutions to their educational challenges.  In founding Room to Read, John wove proven corporate business practices with his inspiring vision to provide educational access and opportunity to 10 million children in the developing world.  He’s a role model and inspiration, to say the least.  The best part: he responded.
  • TODAY – it’s only 8:04a.  I’ll keep you posted.

Keep an eye out for our new website!  It’s coming…


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