The Power of Film

Our mission is to CREATE AWARENESS and VOLUNTEER SUPPORT for projects that empower girls in developing countries.  We’re ready to take the country by storm in 2011.  We are currently raising $12,500 to create a 12 minute documentary, The Mountain Between Us, which will expose the challenges that face girls in rural communities in Nepal and the opportunities within our reach. 

We will use the power of media to inspire American people to get involved in our cause and become advocates for global social change.  We plan to release the documentary in September 2011 and screen the film throughout the U.S. for ten weeks in high schools, on college campuses, and in community centers.  It is our goal to present in front of 150 audiences, reaching at least 10,000 people, by the end of 2011.  We have identified the documentary filmmaker who is perfect for the job.

Maria Fortiz-Morse is a graduate of Stanford University’s renowned M.F.A. in Documentary Film & Video Program. She has freelanced as a director, producer, editor and researcher in New York and Washington since 2004. Maria’s work has spanned diverse topics such as the foreclosure crisis, child labor, urban development, juvenile addiction, disabled children, and Gay/Lesbian soldiers in Iraq. What remains salient is her commitment to stories about women and children. She has volunteered and traveled abroad in Nepal, India, Morocco, Tanzania, Ecuador, Italy and Spain. Her films have screened on PBS’s award-winning series, POV, at the IFC, and in over 25 festivals in the USA and internationally. She is currently volunteering at Stanford University’s Peace Innovation Lab, developing persuasive technology applications for the lab’s global peace-building projects. 

Would your company be interested in sponsoring this project?!?  It’s a unique investment opportunity for a company with a mission fit and we will promote the company in each screening, at film festivals, and on our website.  The trailer will follow later this week!


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