The Finish Line

I was fortunate enough to land in Boston on Monday for the event of the year.  For those not from New England, the third Monday in April marks Patriots’ Day, a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.  It’s better known in Boston as Marathon Monday. 

This marathon is unlike any other marathon in the country.  Elite athletes travel from around the world to compete for the prestigious title of winning Boston.  Regular runners train for months and months, through snow and ice, to add this to their list of life accomplishments.  And fans come out in droves, since Boston shuts down for the day, to carry the masses to the finish line with their cheers.  Whether you are a runner or spectator, the day can’t help but inspire you. 

This year, as we stood at the 24 mile marker, we took our job as motivators seriously.  These runners had just two miles to go and were looking for that final burst of energy to bring it home.  We hooted, we hollered, and we called runners by name.  We lost our voices screaming so that strangers would feel support over pain.  I overheard one runner say to her partner, after 24 miles of fanfare, “this is amazing”.  Well said.

The Boston Marathon is amazing because everyone in the city come out for a day to cheer on their peers.  We cheer for runners from Boston, Canada, and Kenya.  We cheer for record holders and first-time marathoners alike.  We cheer for 15 year olds and 75 year olds and everyone in between.  We don’t discriminate.  The Boston Marathon is a shining example of the power in a crowd.

At Edge of Seven, we’re trying to create our own version of the Boston Marathon.  We’re trying to create a movement of people inspired to get off of their couches and act.  We see film as the great motivator and we’re currently shooting a 12 minute documentary exposing the challenges that girls face when trying to pursue education in rural Nepal.  We have just one month to reach our goal of $6,000 to fund the project and we are asking you to help spread the word about our documentary and to donate if you can

Thanks for your continued support in helping us reach the finish line.


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