Only Two Weeks Left!

We are closing in on the fundraising deadline for our film “The Mountain Between Us,” a story of two girls defying the odds to receive an education and bring progress to their villages in rural Nepal.

We have just two weeks to raise the additional $4,280 needed for the film, and we wanted to take a moment to personally introduce you to the “stars” of the show, Khila and Purnima, who are just two girls out of hundreds who, with your support, will be able to access many opportunities which would otherwise be unavailable to them in life.

Maria lands in rural Nepal to begin shooting.

Our filmmaker, Maria, is in Nepal now, and she sent us this note about the girls yesterday.

“Khila Bujel is from a very poor, lower caste family in the village of Mukli within the Everest Region.  She is exceptionally committed to her education and works tirelessly to achieve her goals.  She works for a wealthier family, living in their home and farming on a daily basis to pay for her school fees and financially support her mother and younger siblings. Her story is a personal account laced with hopes, and prayers, for future success.

 Purnima Tamang is a leader among the village girls in Kaku.  She is articulate and vocal about the importance of education.  Purnima serves as a role model to her younger sister, and to many girls throughout her community, who want to pursue advanced studies in Salleri in the face of daunting obstacles.”

 To succeed in telling Khila’s and Purnima’s inspiring stories, we need your help.  

We need to raise an additional $4,280 by May 15th on Kickstarter to complete this project!  We have only two more weeks to reach our goal.

 Whether you can make a financial contribution or share this message with three of your friends, your support will go a long way towards helping us build a future for girls in Nepal. We hope that one day stories like the ones Khila and Purnima share will be less common. We hope that one day all girls in rural Nepal will be able to access the education they deserve.


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