Now in the starting lineup for Eo7…

Post by Tamara A.

Of course, I would make my first words to my new audience a baseball reference.  It’s key to understanding who I am, especially during these spring and summer when I simply long to sit in the glorious weather and do what I consider to be one of the most American things that I can think of: sit in a baseball stadium (most likely in the cheapest seats available, with the rowdiest piece of the crowd) sipping on my beer with a hot dog in the other.  It’s “America’s favorite pastime” (strongly debated by many) and the sense of community and competition that is formed always gets me.  Each season brings new opportunity for my lifelong loves, the Royals, (or my newly adopted Rockies) and I hold onto to any glimmer of hope that maybe this year we can turn around our decades of being the extreme underdogs.

Hope.  That is something that I have a lot of.  It is something that I think everyone should have a lot of.  Hope that today will be a good day.  Hope that tomorrow will be an even better day.  Hope that I will make a good impression.  Hope that someone will give me a chance to use my talents.  Hope that someone sees the good I want to do.  Hope that I don’t mess up along the way.  Hope that others recognize the needs of their neighbors.  Hope that the problems of the world can be alleviated.  Hope that my attempted assistance in the alleviation is actually helpful. Hope for humanity.

Tamara (right) in Bolivia

My name is Tamara.  And about 3 months ago, I had a whole lot of hope…and excitement…as I made the 9 hour drive from Kansas City to Denver with my belongings smashed in a U-Haul ready to embark on my next adventure.  The move was more or less a whim that a college friend and I decided to make together.  But we wanted to try something different.  Why not Denver?  I don’t think that I’ve heard a single negative word uttered about this city.  We jumped right in with two feet.  I had 2 goals: find some work asap to have an income and find a nonprofit or organization with which I can use my skills to serve the community.  If those 2 happened to come in the same package, great!  However, being somewhat realistic, that probably meant nonprofit work, plus restaurant serving to allow me a sustainable income.  That’s what I’m getting the opportunity to do now.

I am a server at a downtown restaurant and I love it.  I love the interactions with the customers and I love the fellow servers that have become my friends and educated me on the world of Colorado.  But it is my new involvement in the nonprofit world that I love the most right now. 

Back in Week 2 of my Denver life, my roommate and I decided to “nerd out” (as I have been accused of) by going to Tattered Cover and listening to Connor Grennan speak about his book, Little Princes.  Awesome guy with an awesome mission.  The best part of the evening for me happened when I overheard (ok, so I was eavesdropping) the woman in front of us mention that she had a nonprofit doing work in Nepal as well.  Being in a new city, knowing next to no one, I have very little shame and have simply approached many individuals to introduce myself and chat.  That night, after I rudely interrupted her conversation, Erin gave me the information about Edge of Seven and encouraged me to contact her for involvement. I did.  I started on the committee to plan a fundraiser and recently decided to take the plunge and step up as the social media coordinator. 

So there it was.  The hope that I had been holding onto for an opportunity to find a way to help paid off.  And it is better than I could have imagine.  Edge of Seven is an outstanding organization that exudes everything that I hold to be important.  A mission of service and betterment for humanity, bridging international communities, and an emphasis on education.  It’s wonderful to connect with a group that shares the same passions that I have discovered in my own life. I, you, we…have been afforded a lot in our American lives and Edge of Seven is a great way to take that and allow others to benefit as well.

So there is a little bit of me for you.  I’m looking forward to this chance to reach out on behalf of Edge of Seven although the prospect of being a newbie in this big, bad blogging world is slightly intimidating.  I’m ready to help educate and be educated; to lay out my opinions and have yours; and to offer my findings and insights as encouragement for anyone to get off their butts and have a stab at adventure, pushing your comfort zone and lend a helping hang along the way.

We’ll be in touch.


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