May volunteers have arrived in Nepal!

Our May volunteers have arrived to the project site safe and sound and are ready to build!

To give you a sense for the past few days, volunteers typically depart the U.S. on Friday evening and arrive into Kathmandu early on Sunday.  Jet-lagged and exhausted from 30+ hours of travel, we give everyone a few hours to unwind.  Then, we head out to eat traditional Nepali dal bhat and do a bit of sightseeing. 

Our volunteers visit Boudhanath, one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal.

Monday marks the 1st full day of the program and time is divided between orientation and visiting the beautiful and historic temples of Kathmandu.  During orientation, our Nepali leaders (Karma and Sonam) teach volunteers language basics and key cultural differences since they will be living with host families in a remote area.  Then, we visit the three major temples in the Kathmandu Valley: Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and Pashupatinath.  After a day of soaking in Nepali culture, we have our final dinner in the city before flying to the Everest Region on Tuesday morning.  Since we always stay in Thamel, the tourist block of Kathmandu, volunteers have an hour or two to visit an ATM, buy souvenirs, or stock up on gummy bears before leaving civilization.

On Tuesday morning, just a few hours ago, the volunteers boarded the puddle jumper plane to fly eastbound along the Himalayas before touching down, on a mountaintop, in Phaplu.  I received an update this morning that the volunteer crew landed safely at 9.30a and were excited to get going!  For those new to the blog, the volunteer crew is supporting local efforts to build a dorm so that 40 girls have the opportunity to attend higher secondary school, grades 11 and 12.  In the Everest Region, seven out of every 10 girls drops out of school after 10th grade because the single higher secondary school, located in Salleri, takes multiple days to reach by foot.  We’re working to change that.
Keep up the great work Jan, Monica, Kevin, Margie, Jerry, Susan, and Emma! 

3 thoughts on “May volunteers have arrived in Nepal!

  1. Wishing my daughter and the group of volunteers a great trip and experience!

  2. Thanks for this info. I have been wondering. Heard from my sister, Susan on her blog on Sunday and nothing since. She sure was looking forward to this adventure!
    Let us know more when possible.

  3. I will be anxious to hear all about the trip when Monica gets home! What an adventure for everyone and a great cause!

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