Running for a Reason

by Tamara A.

Since I graduated from high school, it has definitely been more of a challenge to get myself to go to the gym, participate in as much physical activity, or just stay in shape.  It is so easy to put things off.  I’ll start that work out plan tomorrow.  I’ll start eating better tomorrow.  I run that first mile tomorrow.  Before I know it, two months have passed and my running shoes are still sitting in the same place and the refrigerator inhabitants haven’t become any greener or healthier.  In high school, it was just so easy…mostly because there were outside enforcers: coaches, teammates, parents.  Everything was organized for me; I just had to show up at the place and time that I was told and someone determined how rigorous my workout was for me.  And while I bitched about practicing then, I would love to have that now.

After my first year in college, I realized that the very occasional workout combined with late night fast food runs and increase in beer intake was not the best plan for being a healthy, feeling-good person.  My friend and I randomly decided to sign up for the Chicago half marathon for the next fall.  While we put off our first until “tomorrow” for a couple months, eventually we started our morning runs that evolved into a 6 days a week routine for a few months.  It felt great.  And the fact that I had committed to a race with a friend really pushed me to keep with it for three reasons: I had someone relying on me to be there, I had paid a registration fee (money cannot go to waste as a poor college student), and I had a goal with an actual end date.  So I had found my new forms of motivation.

I have since used these motivators to run a handful of other races and keep pushing myself.  Recently, Erin presented me with another race opportunity:  the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on October 9th.  She told me that she is seeking a team of 20 runners to complete the race on behalf of Edge of Seven, asking each team member to raise $1,000.  If running as a representative for a nonprofit like Edge of Seven isn’t enough motivation to get me moving, I don’t know what would be.  Here is the unfortunate part of the situation…I can’t do it.  Not because of lack of desire (I really wish I could!), but because I will be out of town.  Damn.

Here is where the rest of you come in.  Erin is only one member and, while she has recruited a few others, there are several open spots on the Edge of Seven running team.  In this next year, we have a 5-city series of projects starting that are requiring funding and support.  Help us to make others aware of our mission and raise funds to put these projects into full swing.

The registration deadline to participate on Edge of Seven’s team is August 15th, 2011. Participants can choose whether they prefer to run the half or full marathon. We’d like to see Edge of Seven runners raise $1,000 a piece to support our program. Please email Emily at to complete a race entry form and join our team today!


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