It’s Our Turn For The Spotlight!

by Tamara A.

I didn’t think that they could do it, but they did.  Groupon has just earned infinite more cool points in my book.

I have been a fan of Groupon pretty much since it created its Kansas City network in 2009.  How could I not love it?  I love to hit up new places (restaurants, museums, boutiques, etc.) and I love to save money (I still haven’t won the lottery), so this is the perfect solution for me.  I used it a lot to explore new spots and different parts of KC, although I had lived there for the first 24 years of my life.  And since I moved to Denver, I have had some great finds through these deals.

My favorite Groupon purchase thus far: registration for the Urban Scavenger Race that was on my birthday!  I had wanted to participate in an urban race thing for years.  I always loved seeing the people running through downtown with their bib numbers on frantically asking anyone on the street for various items or help with directions.  A couple weeks before my birthday, Groupon nicely informed me of one happening on my birthday and graciously offered 60% off the registration.  So I instantly bought four, as to be able to assemble my dream team.  It was a success and we had a ridiculously awesome time doing it.  Thank you Groupon!

In my mind, the only way that they were going to get better was if they starting giving me things for free.  But I didn’t foresee many businesses signing up for that.  So I settled with the fact that Groupon is awesome, but cannot top its own awesomeness.

Enter the G-Team.

The G-Team is the philanthropic arm of the Groupon.  They feel that people are looking to find local causes to support just as they are looking to explore their city.  Similar to how the business promotion end works, they are pairing with local nonprofits to promote on the metro area Groupon site for a certain amount of time with a minimum number of donors required for the deal to be “on”.  I love it.

While this has been at work in other cities already, the nonprofit campaign segment for Denver was just introduced last week.  The featured organization was Groundwork Denver.  Their campaign ran for three days with the goal to have 40 people donate $10 each.  They met their goal and ended up selling a total of 71.

But now it is time for us: Edge of Seven!

From right now through midnight on this Thursday, Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins users are able to contribute to our organization through the Groupon site.

What are these donations going towards?  Our most current completed project was the hostel located in the Everest region of Nepal.  It will be housing 40 girls from rural areas that were unable to pursue higher education because it was not accessible in their villages.  With the hostel now available, these girls can live here while attending school and not accrue the modest living expenses that held them back before.  We will assist in covering these expenses with the donations from this campaign.  A $10 donation so that these teenage Nepali girls have the opportunity to continue the schooling that we have been lucky enough to have been granted…yes, please!

Here is the goal: 45 people to donate $10 each over 3 days to cover 3 girls staying in the hostel.

So copy the link, donate your $10 and tell your friends.  We have until midnight on Thursday to make this happen!  Thank you G-Team for supporting us.  Now let’s do this Denver!

Click here for the deal.


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