Jumping on the Bag-Wagon

by Tamara A.

I had literally never heard of earthbags until about two months ago.  One day as I was talking with Emily (Program Director) and Erin (Founder) about Edge of Seven’s latest series of projects that are to begin this fall in Nepal, they casually mentioned that one option for the construction method was the earthbag technique.  I had to pause for a second and think.  Nope, I didn’t have any idea what “earthbag” meant.  But I was definitely intrigued.  How could bags filled with dirt/clay/earth be such a stable structure?  It seems far too simple.

Luckily, I knew a local expert on the method…my boyfriend.  And by expert, I mean that he has completed some college research on the topic and is planning on writing a thesis based on it.  So in my world, compared to my complete lack of knowledge, he is definitely an expert.

Since my “discovery” of earthbag construction, I have come to realize all of the advantages to using it, especially with the developing world: low cost, ready availability, high durability, speed and ease of assembling.  It really seems almost too good to be true.  And the buildings have a cool, unique look to them.

So, taking all of these things into consideration, it is really great that Edge of Seven and our partnering Architecture for Humanity chapters will be able to introduce earthbags into our education building projects that will be taking place in the rural villages of Phuleli, Basa and Chiwang.  What’s even better is that Denver has the chance to learn about our upcoming projects and the earthbag technique with a live demonstration tonight at the Design for the Other 90 exhibit.

Come learn with us tonight.  Redline Gallery in Downtown Denver. 6-8pm.  Support Edge of Seven.  Explore the Design for the Other 90 exhibit.  Expand your horizons.  And do it all for free.

See you there!


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