The Show Must Go On!

by Tamara A.

“What’s the first thing an actor learns? The show must go on! Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show MUST go on!”     

-Cosmo Brown, Singin’ in the Rain

Well, I’m no actor. But the first thing that I learned about wanting to make my career in the nonprofit world is you will struggle. There is the “you have literally a $0 budget” struggle, the “lack of response” struggle, the “people aren’t as enthusiastic as you” struggle, the “keep up your motivation when you don’t get the response you’re hoping for” struggle, etc. What I have learned on my own, though, is that finding a cause that you truly believe in and don’t mind struggling for, makes all of that extra effort worth it.

Edge of Seven is definitely one of those groups for me. Great mission. Great projects. Great people. In mind, I’m thinking, “Why wouldn’t you want to help build a secondary school in rural Nepal to allow more girls to receive an education?” To me, it’s obvious. To our team, it’s obvious. But I have come to understand the nonprofit sector as a saturated market, there are SO many causes to support. And that’s what makes this more difficult.

With a big fundraising push the last couple of months to raise the money needed for our five village initiative that is really getting under way next month, we have had our shares of struggles. Working with a small budget to put on a great event for the public and potential donors to enjoy has its fair share of challenges.

But I have to say, things came together nicely. We found a generous local band (Trichome) to play. We found an inspiring speaker (world renowned mountaineer, Jeff Evans) to address our audience. We received an array of donations from local businesses to add to our silent auction. We secured a beer sponsor (Del Norte) and a variety of food offerings for guests. Slowly and surely, this event was getting pieced together and becoming something quite impressive!

One thing we didn’t count on…a ceiling caving in. (Neither did the Oriental!)

No where in our realm of possible obstacles for this event did we leave consideration for a large chunk of the theater ceiling collapsing onto the main stage. I don’t know who would. So when this news hit us on Sunday, only three days before our event, you can imagine that we were slightly frantic. What were we going to do? Is it possible to find another venue with such short notice? Should we postpone? Canceling is not an option when the beginning of our upcoming projects relies on the money to be gained from this event.

Thus, the show MUST go on!

And on we will go. But at a new location, the Mile High Station. All of the details are the same except for the location. Band, speaker, drinks, food, and awesome auction offerings! Come check out the fun and feel good knowing you are helping to improve education conditions for children in rural Nepal.

Thank you to the multitude of people who reached out with suggestions after the incident at the Oriental and helped us reconfigure our plans. Thank you to the Edge of Seven and Architecture for Humanity Denver chapter team who have been working relentlessly on planning for this benefit. Thank you to Emily, our fearless leader, who has appeared to be superwoman through this all. And thank you to all of our supporters who are coming to the event.

Let’s all get ready to Party for Nepal!


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