Changing the world with pocket change

By Emily Layton Stanley

Having just arrived in Nepal, the reality of what we are doing has suddenly hit me.  Pretty simple, but amazing stuff. Edge of Seven provides young women with opportunities – opportunities to create their own futures through the priceless gift of education. And this week, with a little creativity and an animated video, we’re doing it alongside an enormous community of support!  Here’s how it works…

Drawing on the power of friends, family, millenials (the super cool tech-savvy generation), young entrepreneurs, and personal connections, Taylor Conroy and his Pocket Change Revolution are turning traditional fundraising upside down to try something new. This program isn’t really a fundraising campaign. It’s a movement. A movement to make positive change in the world. A movement that motivates people to get involved in something great, but that transforms nonprofits and the communities they serve along the way.

And the greatest part about this revolution is that Taylor and his team are helping to raise awareness about Edge of Seven AND build 3 schools in Nepal… with pocket change. Yes, that’s right, the pennies, dimes, and quarters left in your pocket at the end of the day (the coins you might have chosen to spend on a cup of coffee, until today, when you used it to change lives).

Today, we are 72 hours into the campaign and have already raised over $12,000. Pretty amazing. Never underestimate the power of friends and family to come together to do something great. Check out the video at:

Tomorrow, I am heading to Edge of Seven’s project site in the Everest Region of Nepal (the Phuleli school mentioned in the above video) to meet the kids whose lives will be forever impacted by the work we’re doing. And today, I’m thankful for what Edge of Seven is. As an “edgy” early-stage nonprofit, we aren’t bound by tradition. We can try new things, like this campaign, to achieve more powerful, creative outcomes.

We hope you’ll join us in this revolution.

To learn more or to contribute, please visit:


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