In The Blink Of An Eye

by Tamara A.

It may be super cliché to say this, but….time flies. It does. Whether you are having fun or not (well, it may fly a little faster when you’re having fun), time flies.

I had some time today to think. There were a lot of random thoughts that filled my mind, but mostly, I thought about where I was one year ago and everything that has happened since. Even three months ago, and everything that has happened since.

One year ago: I was still in Kansas City. Living with my parents. Waitressing. Attending weekly trivia with my brother. Trying to convince friends to squeeze “Tamara” time into their adult schedules. Ready for something new.

Three months ago: Seven months into Denver life. Waitressing. Volunteering in my spare time. Having coffee dates with new friends. Planning wine/movie nights with my roommate. Probably spending too much time with my boyfriend. Loving the free, accepting nature of Colorado. Itching for adventure.

Today: Back in Denver after a two-month hiatus in Southeast Asia. Waiting for work to start. Meeting up with friends again. Jumping right back into the volunteering. Enjoying holiday festivities with my roommate and time with the boyfriend. Eager to combine what I’ve experienced abroad and missed at home.

In one year, a lot has changed in my life. I moved cities. I made lots of new friends. My older brother started a company. I started blogging. My younger brother got engaged. I found a new boyfriend. My great uncle died. I started cheering for the Packers (after the Chiefs, clearly). I learned how to cook a turkey. I traveled throughout Southeast Asia. I’ve learned what it means to actually live on my own and make my own decisions.

None of those may really seem that monumental to anyone else; however, from where I’m standing, they equal a major shift, a new stage of my life. Sometimes I reflect on everything and just think, “When did this all happen?,” not that I’m complaining. I like what I have going on. I like what I’ve been involved in. But wasn’t it just yesterday that I didn’t have any responsibility but to finish my homework, do my chores and try my darnedest not to get into a fight with my brother? Time flew.

And then I think about the world. Where were WE a year ago? Three months ago? What has happened since then?

A LOT! It was just a year ago that protestors in Tunisia began to use their voices…and it caught on like wildfire. Now we have seen uprisings in an increasing number of countries. Libya endured a revolution lasting over eight months. Masses of oppressed citizens united in Egypt and ousted their president. More north, the EU has be shaken by financial crisis that has left countries bankrupt and nearly toppled one of the largest economies in the world. Japan’s earthquake/tsunami combo left the country weaker and more vulnerable than the world has seen them. And on our own soil, we are seeing the largest nationwide protest in decades with over 60 major cities hosting hoards of citizens from varying backgrounds in a movement to fight social and economic inequalities.

All of this in one year.

Now take it back a little more.

Remember when the term “Facebook” had to be explained? Remember when crimped hair and neon scrunchies were still ok? Remember when Pluto was still considered a planet? Remember when Brett Favre was still a respected NFL quarterback? Remember when you had to convert to individual currencies when traveling through Europe? Remember when Yugoslavia was still a country? Remember when we were still reveling in our prosperity (at least as Americans)?

Times change. Faster than we realize. The trick is not to be scared of the change, but to embrace it. Welcome the new. Ride the wave. It won’t always be ideal and there will be challenges. But that is how we grow.


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