We’re in the Dream Business

 by Tamara A.

Let me tell you about the weekend I just had. It started with me being bound and determined not to let the “magic” seep in. I was convinced that in my return to Disney World, I would maintain my skeptical adult view. What is such an awe-inspiring experience for a 6 year-old could not have nearly the same impact on a 25 year-old business graduate who’s seen the problems of the world. There’s no way that Disney’s magical world would make me all starry-eyed again.

Wrong. And I can tell you the exact moment when I gave in. It was the firework show.

But I can guarantee you, this was no run-of-the-mill firework show. For starters, a lit-up Tinkerbell flew (via cable) from Cinderella’s Castle over the masses of the families across the famous courtyard. A single firework shot through the sky letting us all feel the sensation of seeing a shooting star. And then as we listened to a montage of quotes/songs/etc. all about wishes and wishing and watched the fireworks that were so perfectly timed with the music, my heart melted. Damn it, Disney. You had me under your spell.

Throughout the four days that we were at the Disney Resort, I realized that their lexicon is made up almost purely of forms of the words “wish”, “dream”, and “magic”. The count went something like this:

  • Wish/wishes/wished/wishing = 6,846 times
  • Dream/dreams/dreaming = 7,918 times
  • Magic/Magical = 11,537 times **due to each staff member using “have a magical day” with each interaction

So needless to say, I was stuffed full of magical dreams and wishes!

However, I found that there was something quite refreshing in spending time in this fantastical world surrounded by hoards of children. This is what every child dreams of; this is what every child looks forward to. To see the profound amazement in their eyes as they spotted the castle, hugged a princess, or climb into the Dumbo ride was infectious. The joy they were experiencing definitely brightened my day.

Remember when that was you? Dreams were are simple as seeing a princess. Believing in magic and all of these characters was so easy. No questions were asked. As we grew older, that magical world was slowly stripped away. You find out Mickey and Cinderella aren’t real. You come face to face with reality and many of us become skeptical of the world and of the dreams that we’ve been told were possible. The childhood belief that anything and everything is possible doesn’t seem as likely anymore.

 And then you find groups that still strongly believe in dreams and granting those dreams. Like Edge of Seven. The dreams aren’t the same as making it to Disney World and getting Goofy’s autograph. They are bigger, bolder, and life changing. Education. Health. Development. Empowerment. These are what the childhood wishes are morphed into.

We still believe in dreams and wishes. We still believe that anything is possible. We just know the work and commitment that it takes from a whole community. A whole global community. We are in the dream business and we want you to join us. It’s an amazing experience to help someone realize that potential, that dream.

 I hope you have a magical day!


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