GoodSearch: Making it Easy!

 by Tamara A

In the nonprofit world, you have to be very realistic about finances. Funds are not guaranteed. It is a constant push to find the donations and available grant money to fund all the activities that you want to accomplish. And it is by no means lack of interest.

In today’s day and age, people face several challenges in making nonprofit contributions. Namely, lack of time, lack of money, and finding a preferred cause in the vast pool of charities. Another major issue that people come across is the problem of convenience. While I don’t think this is a legitimate excuse to sit back and not be involved, I don’t blame the public for this reasoning. As a society, we have made nearly everything quick and easy. The internet has placed everything at our fingertips, so that when we are asked to go out of our way to do something new or different, it seems like a major inconvenience. When we are asked to spend our income on something that doesn’t benefit us directly, it makes us seriously consider every dollar.

Now, stop and think about this.

You don’t have to change your habits. You don’t have to make a time commit. You don’t have to pay any money. AND you can help your favorite cause.

Why wouldn’t you do it?!?

That’s exactly what GoodSearch wants you to realize. As a dedication to their mother who passed away from breast cancer, brothers Ken and JJ Ramberg found the site in 2005 with the mission to “empower people to change the world with simple everyday actions that raise money for causes they care most about.”

Last week, we (Edge of Seven) joined the list of over 100,000 charities nationwide that GoodSearch users can choose from. We wanted to join in their mission to help accomplish ours.

There are three giving opportunities through the site:

  • GoodSearch: Use this as your search engine and your selected charity will receive about a penny for each completed search. It is powered through Yahoo!, so you are guaranteed thorough results.
  • GoodShop: Shop with over 2,500 retailers online and a determined percentage of your purchase will be given to the charity that you’ve selected. The percentages vary between retailers (with the average being about 3%) but is clearly noted under each. Shopping through this site is the exact same experience as shopping directly through the retail site. Participating stores include Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, etc.
  • GoodDining: Just added in 2011, this allows you to register your credit/debit card so that when you eat at one of the 10,000+ participating restaurants, a percentage is automatically given to the charity that you have selected.

 It is a simple concept with simple actions required. We aren’t asking you to break your bank. We aren’t asking you to dedicate your precious time. We aren’t even asking you to give up your online shopping. (We have our addictions too!) We are just asking you to include Edge of Seven in your online fun. As we see it, everyone wins.

So ask yourself, why wouldn’t you do it?

Information taken from their official website


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