We Have New Work Friends!

by Tamara A.

Edge of Seven recently joined the crew of organizations that calls Green Spaces home during their weekly work hours. And we are excited! Not only does this mean that we get an alternative to our coffee shop posts (but we won’t be abandoning these entirely), but we also get to make new friends. And who doesn’t want that?

We’re joining the latest trend—shared work spaces. Also known as share or coworking spaces, companies and nonprofits across the country are finding this collaborative environment to be super advantageous to their operations. While this is not an entirely new idea, there has been a surge in the last few years towards this type of work environment.

Locally, there are a handful of facilities that offer this community for entrepreneurs or groups to join. However, Green Spaces is a bit more unique in their approach to creating an appealing and effective work place for us. They are dedicated to being “green” and promoting environmentally responsible practices (if you hadn’t picked that up from their name), including using efficient energy, composting, and utilizing eco-friendly products. Green Spaces has become known as “a global culture, a society for change makers, a recognizable term for movers & shakers, a mecca for people who think big and do good, and a local place with a global impact.” As an organization dedicated to social change, Edge of Seven aligns well with the Green Spaces culture.

Here are the advantages that we have found in being a part of a coworking space:

  • Lower costs—For many companies whether small, new, nonprofit or whatever (we qualify for all of those), having a building or office to call your own is difficult to achieve. Mostly because of the financial obstacles. Sharing a space offers a significantly cheaper option (Edge of Seven is currently using Green Spaces two days per week).
  • Alone or team time—Most coworking facilities allow some flexibility in space. By that, I mean that you are able to get a single desk for one staff member or you can reserve more room for a group to use. Typically, these buildings have meeting rooms as well as open areas filled with individual desks. It makes the spaces versatile as far as meeting each member’s needs.
  • Building Bridges—Being a part of Green Spaces has introduced us to new individuals and organizations. It’s great for networking (which we know is uber important for just about everyone). There is a large potential to find a variety of beneficial relationships for your organization: clients, investors, partners, resources. Even if it’s just bouncing ideas off others in the space, it’s a huge plus.
  • Positive Vibes—Positivity is contagious. It’s a fact. I have always been told to surround myself with good friends that have a positive influence on me. The same can be said for an organization and their work environment. Being in an environment with a collective group of entrepreneurs working to succeed, to push forward, is a great way to keep your own motivation flowing.
  • Professional Setup—While we still love to hold meetings in coffee shops, cafes, or other non-traditional spots, a coworking space does offer a more professional setting and a bit more structure in which to conduct important meetings. It is nice for us to have some options depending on the situation.

So here is to a new setup for Edge of Seven (at least for our Denver operations). We are excited for the opportunities that Green Spaces is making available to us and grateful expand our community.

Information and picture taken from Green Spaces website. Visit them at http://www.greenspacescolorado.com.


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