Phuleli School Interior Photos

By Travis Hughbanks

After a month at the project sites I have returned to Kathmandu for a some rest and to get a little work done in the city.  The school year is about to come to an end here in Nepal and we took advantage of the short break before final exams to jump back into the classrooms to finish up the interior paneling on the Phuleli school.  While it does add a nice finished look the real importance of the paneling is to create an air cavity between the metal roof and the classroom which allows the heat from the summer sun to be vented out the ridge before it overheats the classroom.  The carpenters did a great job and we are especially happy with the framing of the skylights.  Take a look below.

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2 thoughts on “Phuleli School Interior Photos

  1. Beautiful – Congratulations!

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