Girls and Potential

Guest Post from an Edge of Seven Alumna, Vicki Lawn

Vicki was a volunteer with Edge of Seven in 2011. She returned home impressed by the strength of women worldwide and determined to make a difference. Vicki is now raising funding to support Edge of Seven and girls education in rural Nepal. Here’s a brief excerpt from her blog!

I believe that an educated girl starts a ripple effect of change around her….

What does the world have to lose by giving the girls a shot?  As John Abdulla, from Help Women Heal articulated at a speaking event last year, “For thousands of years, men have ruled this planet and just dominated it. We have consistently, continually, and quite competently messed up this planet…when you talk about war, violence, bombs, guns, rape and global warming; these aren’t the inventions of women.”  Therefore, what if women had a shot?  What might we create? What would the world look like?

Want to know more about gender equality, the fight against poverty and tactics for community development and how YOU, yes YOU, can get involved?

Step 1: Read, and be smart about it.  Let your hard mind work for your soft heart. I recommend starting with Nicholas Kristof’s and Sheryl WuDunn’s  Half the Sky.

Step 2: Talk about it. Strike up a conversation about it.  Write about it.  Figure out where you stand on the issue.

Step 3: Do something about it, or better yet, take a leap.  Volunteer with Edge of Seven, or at a local organization that helps to empower girls.

Learn what empowerment means to you and then practice it.  Often, it is merely a term thrown out there by those working in community development or even doctors.  How many times have doctors said, “We must EMPOWER the patient!”  But rather than throwing the word around, really explore what that word means to you.  Are you empowered? Do you know how powerful you are and how great you could be? Have you shown someone else how powerful he or she could be? You won’t be the most powerful person in the world unless you know how much you’re worth.  And I don’t mean net worth in dollars; I mean net worth in potential impact.  How much of a difference can you make?  And can you allow someone else to see how much of an impact he or she can make?

Poverty will not be alleviated by a couple people with high degrees or some powerful presidents.  Social justice will only be reached if each one of us makes it a priority to obtain.  If, in our daily interactions, we make it a priority to shift the attitudes of women, and if we help reveal a girl’s self-worth to her and her community one by one, we might be able to create the world envisioned by the Millennial Generation.  But, we if let talented young girls fly under the radar without ever revealing to them how much they’re worth, we will be stuck in the status quo, which is just not good enough.

Lastly, if you’re a girl who has not yet been told how great your potential is, let me be the one to tell you with unwavering conviction how powerful you are.  As a matter of fact, you might be the untapped most powerful person in the world.  All you have to do is roar and believe it.


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