Go With The FLOE!

We’re doing it again. What’s that, you might ask? Earthbagging!

Edge of Seven’s Phuleli earthbag project (the one we completed at the beginning of this year) was the first building of its kind for Nepal’s Everest region as well as a first for the Edge of Seven team. Earthbag construction has proven to be a successful sustainable design technique and an appropriate choice for the region.

To begin, there are a few resources required for this type of construction:

  • Labor- The earthbag technique does not require skilled labor, which is ideal in sites that are rural and projects that employ a lot of volunteer workers.
  • Materials- The basic materials are affordable, easy to find, and (most importantly) easy to transport.  In such a rural, mountainous region, most things have to be carried by the team and the porters. The polypropylene bags and tools needed are readily available and the other necessity, dirt, is abundant around the construction site.

Moreover, earthbags have proven to be earthquake-resistant, a quality that is extremely valued in Nepal. Just last month, the region experienced a 5.2 earthquake. With several earthquakes a year, having buildings that are able to withstand the seismic action is important to the Nepali villages and the effectiveness and sustainability of Edge of Seven’s work.

As a result of constructing this reliable earthbag building in the Phuleli village, students in classes 7 and 8 are able to achieve a secondary education in a new building, better designed  for learning. Now we want to do it again.

A second earthbag school building has already began to take form in another village called Basa. The first earthbag was laid approximately one month ago. One volunteer group has traveled to the site and helped the project get underway. Members of the community are pitching in, helping to finish the construction, and showing their pride for the new school that will exist for their children. When completed, this facility will house the higher secondary school for the village and offer education to over 100 additional children.

This is a great endeavor that will positively impact Basa’s population and surrounding villages. We still have a little challenge in front of us and need your help. While we have raised the majority of the funding needed to make this project successful, we still have to raise the final $6000 to fully fund the school.

How do we plan to do this? By rallying the troops and making one final push through our “For the Love of Earthbags” campaign currently on Indiegogo. We know that we can achieve this last little step. We have a series of fun incentives for those that choose to submit a pledge!

And if we all pledge a little, it can go a long way. We want to thank everyone in advance for your support. Donate. Tell others. Post our link. Make a change.

Please visit our project page on Indiegogo to learn more about Earthbag design, to understand the Basa project that we are completing, and to help us achieve our funding goal.


Thank you!


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