By Travis Hughbanks

Blog post written on April 14 from Phaplu, Nepal

I have just arrived at the guest house in Phaplu from Basa where I will spend the night before my morning flight to Kathmandu, weather permitting.  This is one of those moments I will miss most after I leave Nepal.  After 30 days in the village at the project site and a fairly arduous hike out, I am dirty, bruised, bug-bitten, and completely exhausted.  What makes this moment so great is the anticipation of what is to come tomorrow.  A hot shower, clean clothes, rest and, most importantly, a relaxing diner with my lovely wife.  This moment and theses anticipations are entirely too rare in my day-to-day life in the States.  I don’t pretend to think that every time I step into a hot shower from here forward that I will truly appreciate my hot water heater, as previous experience tells me that it will only last a few days, but I do think I will always cherish the memory of these intense moments of anticipation.

Everything has been moving along well at the project site.  Building 1 is 95% plastered on the exterior, the cement floors are complete and we are ready to begin the roof as soon as the wood is ported in from the jungle.  Building 2 has the foundation complete and the first gravel bags are being set.

The weather has not been our friend of late, and we have been getting intermittent rain through out the day and night.  Luckily, we have plenty of tarps to cover our work areas but it definitely has slowed us down.  The great thing about all the rain is that after it clears out, we get some incredibly clear views of the mountains that have just been getting dumped on with snow.  My pictures do not do it justice.

Happy Nepali New Year to everyone (year 2069).

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One thought on “BASA UPDATE

  1. Hi Travis!
    Firstly congrats on another successful project!! It looks fantastic!
    I remember the time in Phaplu and the anticpation well. That first shower back in Kathmandu can only be described as pure bliss!
    That memory of being cold, exhausted and dirty still keeps me in the shower that bit longer on cold days here.
    Enjoy the rest, im sure you deserve it!!

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