It’s Fundraising Friday – Pass it on!

By Emily Stanley

It’s Fundraising Friday and today you have the opportunity to make change happen at the price tag of just $10. 

Heather Mansfield, the blogger/entrepreneur behind Nonprofit Tech 2.0, has challenged her followers to donate $10 every Friday to a nonprofit of their choice. I’ve been following her blog for quite some time and can credit her for a number of different things from Edge of Seven joining Pinterest to beginning to understand how to navigate nonprofit social media.

Today, I donated to Women LEAD and Edge of Seven (how could I not?). My donations were in celebration of girls and innovative, startup nonprofits with lean operating budgets and immense power to impart social change.

Check out Heather’s blog and share where you plan to donate:

If (on each of the next 2 Fridays) 40 people donated $10 to Edge of Seven’s current campaign, we’d be able to offer 2 students a higher secondary education in the Basa School in rural Nepal! To contribute to girls, education and sustainable building, check out FLOE – For the Love of Earthbags!


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