New Additions to Edge of Seven Team

This summer Edge of Seven is excited to add four new members to our team! Sara, Carly, Josi and Claire have joined us as interns and are helping to promote Edge of Seven’s work, put on events, and assist with fundraising.

Name: Sara Harper

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Current Location: Denver, CO

What drew you to Edge of Seven? Edge of Seven works towards everything I care about. I am about to graduate with a degree that focuses on international development as well as human rights, so finding a non-profit that promotes both of those things was an instant match for me. I knew that I wanted to get involved, to see the inner working of an organization doing things of this magnitude, and to assist in the great goals Edge of Seven has set for itself. I firmly believe that change starts with the girls, as most rural (and otherwise) societies depend on the females to survive. So, doing good for the women does the whole population good. It is, in my opinion, an important strategic part of Edge of Seven which separates this organization from the rest.

What type of work do you do with Edge of Seven? I’m the Event Coordinator, so I get to schedule fun events like happy hours and fundraisers with the help of the rest of the team of interns and volunteers. It’s a great way to be involved in Edge of Seven because I get the chance to meet everyone and collaborate, plus connect us to the wider Denver community and beyond to get the word out about our message and goals.

Name: Carly Wyman

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado

Current Location: Portland, Oregon and Longmont, Colorado

What drew you to Edge of Seven: As a student of international relations and a lover of travel, I am very interested in international development. Edge of Seven’s goals to better the lives of girls in developing countries align with my conception of responsible, community-driven development that will have long-lasting effects on the communities Edge of Seven touches. I love that Edge of Seven is female run and that they are still at the grassroots level. I feel so lucky to be here at the beginning of such a great organization!

What type of work do I do: I am the fundraising and development intern with Edge of Seven. I am working to reach out into our community to connect interested sponsors and volunteers with our work in a meaningful way. I am also helping to plan and execute some exciting events this summer!

Name: Josi Toothman

Hometown: Greenville, NC

Current Location: Littleton, CO

What drew you to Edge of Seven? I loved the mission and the focus of the work that Edge of Seven is doing. Helping women in the developing world and promoting volunteer experiences is a way to help women and their communities, impact the lives of those who travel abroad and bring awareness to the issues that Edge of Seven is addressing in the lives of women around the world.

What type of work do you do with Edge of Seven? I am working on the Marketing and Communications team for Edge of Seven. This summer I am helping with social media efforts, newsletters, press releases and blogs. I am excited to help get the word out about Edge of Seven, upcoming events, and updates on our projects!

Name: Claire Slattery-Quintanilla

Hometown: Del Norte, CO

Current Location: Denver, CO

What drew you to Edge of Seven? I have been passionate about gender inequality and international issues for a long time.   After spending four months abroad working at an organization that helped women escape the sex trade, I was inspired to continue working to empower women here and around the world.  Like this organization, I think that it is important to have a holistic approach to social issues.  I identified with Edge of Seven’s focus on gender inequality as the root of environmental, and economic, and social problems.

What type of work do you do with Edge of Seven? I have been working on a variety of tasks, many of which have been related to promoting Trek with a Purpose—a volunteer trek through the Everest Region that Edge of Seven is offering this fall. I also help maintain the database.  This August I will be working on a project where we will be partnering with the Africa Schools Assistance Project to construct a women’s dormitory in Tanzania. I’m really excited be a part of this group of passionate, like-minded individuals!


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