Reaching for the sky!

By Emily Stanley

July marks the one year anniversary of the Salleri Girls Hostel! The hostel allows girls from Nepal’s Solukhumbu region the opportunity to attend higher secondary school, learn about leadership, bond with other girls their age, participate in extracurriculars and learn more about educational and professional opportunities beyond high school. We’ve been truly awed by the girls, their resilience and their desire to change the world. This summer, a group of girls from the hostel will use part of their break to travel to other villages, sharing what they’ve learned with other girls interested in education and social impact.

Every day. We are humbled by the tenacity of these students and the sheer determination it takes to move beyond what you’ve always overcome barriers, to achieve more and to strive for your dreams.

The Salleri Girls Hostel was constructed by Edge of Seven and The Small World. We are currently looking for English language instructors to volunteer at the hostel for a minimum of a 3 month period during the fall of 2012 and all of 2013. 


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