Featured article on the medes: “To Educate is to Empower”

By Tamara Arredondo

As a young nonprofit, it is a constant push to bring attention to Edge of Seven’s work, grow our support base and find meaningful collaborative projects with other groups.  So when we find avenues that allow for this and groups that want to promote our efforts and educate on the issues we address, it is fantastic.

Enter the medes.  The medes is an up and coming online publication that operates with one goal in mind: to bring awareness to social injustices occurring in our communities, something that conventional media outlets don’t always pursue.  As a project of Media Action Network, the medes has been in existence for 4 months and brings a unique blend of academic inquiry with a passion for art with their weekly publications

This week’s publication features the article, “To Educate is to Empower.”  This article highlights the issues that Edge of Seven takes on,  looking at the obstacles facing girls in developing countries and focusing on the benefits that empowered women and girls add to a nation’s development.

Young Girl in Nepal     Photo by Adam Sittler

The following is an excerpt from this week’s article:

In 2000, the United Nations established the Millennium Development Goals as a result of the Millennium Development Declaration signed by the 193 nation members. These eight goals are intended to achieve basic rights for all human beings of the world by 2015 and focus on the severe problems plaguing developing nations including extreme poverty and hunger, lack of education, gender inequality, child mortality, maternal health, major diseases, and environmental sustainability [1].

While the importance of women in their communities and the influence that they have on the economy has been preached for years, this formal announcement by the United Nations has brought many new eyes and efforts to the females in the developing world. The third stated goal, “promote gender equality and empower women”, is a major effort that can in turn help to resolve the multiple other problems addressed. Women hold an incredible role in most communities as caretaker and thus, basic educators. By educating women, countries are able to strengthen the rest of their society.

Check out the full article with featured photographs by Adam Sittler on the medes’ website!


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