Storytelling on the Big Screen: “The Mountain Between Us”

By Alli Tolbert

Edge of Seven is proud to announce that our recently completed documentary, The Mountain Between Us,   has been accepted into 7 festivals, and was also awarded “Best Documentary Short Film Award” at the 2012 Phenom Film Fest!!

This short film was co-produced by Edge of Seven and Peaks Foundation, as well as our very talented filmmaker Maria Fortiz-Morse. An enormous thank you to those involved in the filmmaking process!

The Mountain Between Us captures the obstacles facing girls in their pursuit of education in rural Nepal. This documentary follows the extraordinary experiences of two Nepali girls, as each becomes the first in her family to leave her village to attend higher secondary school. Facing the odds and demands placed on them by society, these girls demonstrate remarkable determination and optimism to achieve their goals. Check out the trailer for a sneak preview of the film!

As noted in the trailer, if you invest in a girl in a developing country, she invests 90% of her income back into her family and her community. Unfortunately, the option for investing in girls’ education is often replaced by cultural and societal demands.

One burden that girls face is child marriage. According to UNICEF, an estimated 51% of children in Nepal face early childhood marriage, and 60% are married by age 18. Having and raising children is another daunting responsibility that normally follows soon after. Click here to read more about child marriage and its risk to girls’ futures. The Mountain Between Us seeks to address this issue, and uses the power of the girls’ own stories to shed light on their lives, challenges and aspirations.

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The Mountain Between Us made its debut at the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in July, and will be used for Planet In Focus’s school screenings and as part of their Green Screen.

Check it out at these recent and upcoming festivals around the world:

Chicago International Social Change Film Festival
Chicago, Illinois. Oct. 5-7, 2012

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival
Flagstaff, Arizona. Oct. 10-14, 2012

Bergfilm Festival Tegernsee
Tegernsee, Germany. Oct. 13-21, 2012

Tall Grass Film Fest
Wichita, Kansas. Oct. 18-21, 2012

Show Me Justice Film Festival
Warrensburg, Missouri. Oct. 17-20, 2012

To learn more about the film and its upcoming screenings, please visit the official film site at


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