Make a Difference Day is Tomorrow!

Be a part of “Make a Difference Day,” the largest national day of community service, this Saturday, October 27!

By Alli Tolbert

For over 20 years, USA WEEKEND Magazine and Points of Light have collaborated to sponsor Make A Difference Day – a day to celebrate neighbors helping neighbors. This Saturday, millions of volunteers will come together with the shared goal of improving the lives of others. Thousands of projects are planned involving communities, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give back to your community alongside your neighbors! To search for local projects and events to start making a difference near you, please visit:

And for those of you looking to celebrate the spirit of volunteering throughout the year, we urge you to consider making an impact through volunteer service overseas! Volunteering in another country is a unique way to give back to the world around you by becoming part of something bigger, challenging yourself, and building leadership capabilities.

Edge of Seven has several exciting service projects planned for the upcoming year. Which service project is right for you?

High School Student Trip to Nepal’s Everest Region [June 5-19, 2013]

  • Students will assist with a sanitation project in the village of Basa, Nepal aimed at increasing school attendance rates for girls.
  • Itinerary also includes trekking through Nepal’s breathtaking Everest Region, visiting local monasteries, experiencing a cultural exchange with the girls at Edge of Seven’s Salleri Girl’s Hostel, and exploring the World Heritage sites of Kathmandu.

Basa Secondary School Extension and Sanitation Project [Basa, Nepal: May 19-June 2, 2013]

  • In 2012, Edge of Seven began a Community Development project, which completed a higher secondary school. Our goal in 2013 is to expand this infrastructure through the addition of female-sensitive toilets and extra classroom space.
  • Volunteers will stay with local families in Basa and eat local cuisine while supporting earthbag construction efforts at the project site.

Mankhu Village Farm for Women [Mankhu Village, Nepal: May 5-19, 2013]

  • Volunteers will assist in building a four-room Community Center specifically for women at the Mankhu Village Farm. The center will be built using earthbag construction and will complement the existing programs to offer women a safe and collaborative space for education and health.
  • The Community Center will include a computer lab, a meeting and training room, and a health post and a workshop room for making handicrafts.

Miririni Secondary School and Girls Dorm [Miririni, Tanzania: June 15-21, 2013]

  • Volunteers will be working in Miririni, Tanzania, a region with historically scarce educational resources for girls.
  • You will be contribute to expanding educational access to girls in Miririni by offering construction support for additional school structures in the community, in collaboration with Edge of Seven’s local partner and the community.

For more information on volunteer opportunities with Edge of Seven, check out or email us at!


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