Introducing Erika: Edge of Seven’s New Grants and Development Intern

   Welcome to the Edge of Seven team!

  Name: Erika Schlichter

  Hometown: Norfolk, VA

  Current Location: Denver, CO

What drew you to Edge of Seven?  In short: the mission   statement.  Throughout my academic career, I’ve become increasingly drawn to both local and global issues that disproportionately impact women and girls.  My ongoing graduate study in international human rights has increased my awareness of how development initiatives directly influence the human rights environments in particular communities and regions, especially with regard to gendered power relations.  From interning at a community radio station for women in Dakar, Senegal to working as a counselor and assistant director at an all-girls camp in Virginia, my experiences working to develop the full potential of girls and women have been my most fulfilling ones.  I’m thrilled at the opportunity to be part of such a dedicated and driven team!

What type of work do you do with Edge of Seven? As Grants and Development Intern, I am exploring innovative ways to generate support for Edge of Seven’s mission and projects, within the framework of our annual fundraising strategy.  I am also helping to explore and build new partnerships with like-minded organizations, on a scale ranging from the local to the global.

To contribute to Edge of Seven’s ongoing effort to empower women and girls worldwide, please visit our website!


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