Introducing Alli: Edge of Seven’s Marketing and Communications Intern

302039_2425050903073_1652103587_nAlli Tolbert

Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Current Location: Denver, CO

What drew you to Edge of Seven? After graduating with a degree in International Studies and Spanish, I wanted to continue my work in international development, more specifically a start-up in Denver. I was drawn to Edge of Seven’s model of collaborative nonprofit work, and especially inspired by its mission of providing education access to girls. My recent research project in a rural village of Bolivia allowed me to work with a group of women weavers and study the potential markets for rural artisans. The toughness and determination of these women exemplified how much women make up the backbone of a society, yet lack educational opportunities. Being with Edge of Seven since August has been a great transition for me in that I can further contribute to the movement for girls’ education. Edge of Seven is truly making an impact in the communities they work, and it is very motivating as an individual to be a part of such endeavors.

What type of work do you do with Edge of Seven? As Marketing & Communications intern, I have recently worked with the Director to create a strategy for a revenue-generating handicrafts program, Sapana Bags, to sell and market handwoven bags from a women’s cooperative in Nepal. It has been very exciting to design, market and sell bags that benefit the women and their children’s education. I’ve also been working on general communications, marketing and public relations strategies and efforts, being particularly busy in talking with people about our upcoming trips to Nepal and Tanzania.


One thought on “Introducing Alli: Edge of Seven’s Marketing and Communications Intern

  1. love this interview! thanks for sharing more of the behind-the-scenes work in your organization.

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