Inscribed with Love

By Alli Tolbert, Marketing & Communications Intern

In April, University of Denver’s Rotaract Club partnered with Edge of Seven for an event that featured Eo7’s documentary screening, free food, a speech from an Eo7’s Director, and a discussion on international women’s rights and education.


Event participants had the opportunity to write well wishes on materials that will be used to construct new buildings in Basa, Nepal. Colorful drawings, phrases, and words of support decorate the exterior of the earthbags, creating a collection of encouragement and positive energy. Although these earthbags will be hidden upon completion of the buildings, the well wishes will be read before and during the building process and embedded in the walls forever.

The power of words inscribed onto earthbags from unknown allies miles away is an encouraging reminder to the women and girls of Basa that they have a strong support system.

For readers who are newer to Edge of Seven’s sustainable building practices, earthbags are an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and earthquake-resistant method of construction. In essence, earthbag construction uses a rice bag filled with dirt as the building’s primary building block. The bags are stacked in courses, much like bricks, and held together with a thin layer of barbed wire rather than cement. Once the walls are up, a roof is attached as in traditional construction and plaster is applied to the exterior. Since the walls are made of bags filled with loose dirt, they are able to absorb seismic shock better than traditional stone and mud construction, which is particularly relevant for Nepal’s rugged, mountainous geography.

Interested in trying out earthbag construction first-hand? Join Edge of Seven for the project in Basa, Nepal this fall. We’ll be building an extension on the Basa Higher Secondary School from Nov. 16th – Nov. 30th.

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From Denver to Nepal, inscribed with love!

For more information on Edge of Seven’s upcoming project to Basa, please visit here !


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