Celebrating International Women’s Day: Meet Ngima Doma

Tomorrow, we will join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day and recognizing the strength and potential of women and girls across the globe.

Today, we want to introduce you to one woman who is the embodiment of this strength and potential in Nepal, Ngima Doma.

Ngima Doma

Ngima Doma is the headmaster of the Basa Higher Secondary School and is an amazing leader in this rural community in the Everest Region, where she oversees the education of 460 students. She guides the School Committee and local PTA and encourages all students in Basa to study hard. Of the 306 schools in the entire region, Ngima Doma is the only female headmaster. And she does it all as a single mother to a young daughter.

Rare among women in Nepal, Ngima Doma has completed a Master’s degree, and she credits her father for this achievement. A British Gurkha soldier, he always taught Ngima Doma the value of hard work, saw to it that she had access to the highest level of education, and encouraged her to give back to others. After completing her university studies in Salleri, Ngima Doma returned to her home village of Basa, where she taught for seven years before becoming headmaster five years ago.

Sadly, Ngima Doma lost her husband in a recent accident, and she now cares for their 10-month-old daughter alone. In the local Rai dialect, her daughter’s name means “love.”

We honor Ngima Doma, the service she provides to her community, and the inspiration she gives to the girls and students studying under her leadership. She is walking testament to the power education has to change lives.

Learn more about Edge of Seven’s work in Nepal, read more inspiring stories about girls in the Everest Region, and give back to support girls education in the developing world.


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