From Us to You – Thanks.

Tomorrow, many of us will gather with our friends and family to give thanks for another year.

At Edge of Seven, we will be giving many thanks to all of our friends, like you, who have supported us over the years and helped transform our small, grassroots nonprofit into a thriving for-impact organization that has now touched the lives of more than 10,000 girls, women, and individuals living in rural, developing communities in Nepal and Kenya.

Basa Woman2

Individuals like Akim, a health teacher in the village of Kaku, who for years taught children in a dilapidated classroom while worrying the students might get injured by a piece of falling stone, but now, with improved infrastructure, teaches without fear.

Girls like Nimdita in Nepal, who attends higher secondary school after scoring well on her school exams – her high scores a direct result of countless nights studying by candlelight.

Women like Margaret in Kenya, who grew up in a remote community with 11 siblings and went to bed hungry most nights of her childhood. Margaret also persevered and, now a mother herself, she is a respected community leader that brings hope to all around her.

We couldn’t reach individuals like Akim, Margaret, and Nimdita without friends like you.

So from the bottom of our hearts, we say thank you.

We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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