Today and Tomorrow: You Can Make a Difference for Prerana



Prerana Khaling - 18 - Pawai - effectLast December, we brought you 31 Stories of Hope from the girls living and studying at our Solukhumbu Girls Hostel in Nepal. Girls like Prerana, who will graduate from grade 12 this spring and hopes to continue her studies at the new hostel we are currently building, where she will pursue a Bachelor’s degree and her dream of becoming a businesswoman. Growing up as one of six siblings to parents who got by on subsistence farming, Prerana knows the value of education. “Education is the best gift you can receive,” she says. “It helps you grow into a better person.”

It only takes one donor to make a difference for girls like Prerana, and today and tomorrow you can make that difference.

Today, if you’re in Denver, we hope you will join us for a casual and fun event at The Ginn Mill on Larimer Street between 5:30 and 10 p.m., as we will receive 100% of the sales from the evening! Learn more and RSVP.

Tomorrow, we will participate in Colorado Gives Day, a day to celebrate philanthropy in Colorado. Every contribution made to Edge of Seven on Colorado Gives Day will be increased by a $1 Million Dollar incentive fund, and donations can be made in advance! Simply click here, and choose CO Gives Day as your donation type. A contribution of just $50 will help earn a spot for a girl in a classroom in Nepal.

Your contributions will bring light to the lives of the 40 girls through the precious gift of education.

As always, we thank you for your support!


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