Edge of Seven October Newsletter

Eo7 Update on Nepal

Children at Ramailo Jyoti Lower Secondary School where Eo7 built a temporary learning center and working to build new classrooms.
Edge of Seven recently returned from a visit to our program sites in Nepal where we are working with our implementing partner, The Small World, to evaluate the seven Temporary Learning Centers that we funded as well as the seven permanent school buildings we are in progress on. Learn more about our project 7+7: Rebuild Nepal.
The trip included visits to schools in: Saleri, Basa, Mukli, Deusa, Tingla, Kastop, Damku and Taksindu, among others. We were especially interested in seeing exactly how things were “on the ground” and how these remote villages (3-12 hour hikes) were faring after the earthquakes in the spring. In the Solukhumbu Region, we found that while most kids were still in school, that there is widespread hidden damage. Many buildings that collapsed fully are now stacked stones. Many more buildings were damaged beyond use or damaged with the danger of falling in. Many of these buildings, both homes and schools, are STILL in use. It is a heartbreaking scene to see the Russian Roulette that is being played with lives there.
As a first step in rebuilding, we were able to prioritize the schools that we will start work on immediately as the government sends out its guidelines for rebuilding, and then gives approvals to our plans. We will be posting a series of blogs to our Facebook page here over the coming weeks to tell you and show you more of what we found on the ground.
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Thank You for Joining us at Rise: For Girl’s Education in Nepal!

Jake Norton speaking at Rise: For girl’s education in Nepal on October, 1st.
Thanks to everyone who attended Rise: For Girls’ Education in Nepal on October 1st at the Posner Center. Our annual event and fundraiser featured live and silent auctions, guest speaker, Jake Norton, a delicious meal from Sherpa’s Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, and much more!
Jake Norton, professional photographer, climber, and philanthropist started off the night speaking about Nepal, his recent experiences there, and the devastating impacts after the earthquakes in the spring of 2015. His presentation included photography he had taken in his recent trip to Nepal. The presentation will be available on our website shortly.
Following Jake’s presentation, auctioneer, Adam Kevil, kicked off the live auction. We are so thankful and humbled by all of the donors who contributed to our live and silent auctions and donated so generously.
Erin Subedi, founder of Edge of Seven, ended the night with a wonderful speech about her passion and love for Edge of Seven and girls’ education. We had a wonderful night and we hope everyone who attended did as well.
Thank you again!

 A Thank You to our Donors

We would just like to thank you generous donors who contributed live or silent auction items. Both of our auctions were huge successes and had a lot of really great awesome. Our donors for Rise: For girls’ education in Nepal include:

  • 10th Mountain Division
  • African Eyes Travel
  • Bonanno Concepts
  • Chetana Women’s Skill Development Program
  • Colorado Athletic Club
  • Colorado Outward Bound
  • Columbia
  • Corepower Yoga
  • The Courtyard Marriott
  • Dangerous Art
  • Darcy Struckhoff
  • Denver Zoo
  • Doubletree Omaha & Omaha Southwest
  • Doubletree Tulsa
  • el Camino Tavern
  • Elevated Light Design, LLC
  • Embassy Suites
  • Binod & Erin Subedi
  • Eva Capozzola
  • Fjallraven
  • Golden City Brewery
  • Gregory Outdoor Gear
  • Heartstring Jewelry
  • Icelantic Skis
  • Jackie Collins
  • Jake Norton
  • JW Marriott Denver – Cherry Creek
  • Kindness Yoga
  • Kismet Jewelry & Accessories
  • Local 46
  • Marriott
  • Gateway Park
  • Nokero Solar
  • Novo Coffee
  • Peter Mason
  • Phamaly Theatre Company
  • Rio Grande
  • Rob Crum
  • Sorel
  • The Denver Broncos
  • Vert Beauty
  • Wine for Humanity
  • Wordshop Paperie

 Colorado Gives Day

Mark your calendars Colorado Gives Day is on December 8th, 2015! Colorado Gives day is statewide movement that celebrates and encourages philanthropy within the state of Colorado. The 24-hour event strengthens non-profit organizations through online giving. Edge of Seven has participated in Colorado Gives Day many times in the past and we are looking forward to participating again this year.
If you are interested in supporting Edge of Seven on Colorado Gives Day, you can make a donation to Edge of Seven’s Colorado Gives Day Page or schedule it in advance starting November 1, 2015!

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