Hike for Hope

Hike For Hope Event Brite Banner


Edge of Seven and our partners at The Small World in Nepal have a hope. We hope for the breakdown of the barriers to girls’ education.  We hope to do more than just build schools. We strive to learn from our friends in the rural communities we work in. We strive to support and inspire. We help build Hope.

Thus, in celebration of the hopes we have and have created, we present a Hike for Hope.

Hike Mt. Bierstadt 

Mt Bierstadt is one of Colorado’s favorite fourteeners. Join us in a challenging but doable hike for all ages for a common purpose. As part of this Hike for Hope, we will include giving the ceremonial and traditional Khatta to all participants. We also include another Edge of Seven item included as a thanks for participatign in our hike.


Speak with our Executive Director and learn about Nepal, the people we are hiking for, and our global intitatives. Other members of the Edge of Seven team will also be hiking and happy to speak more about Edge of Seven and our goals.


So join us. Hike for a Purpose. Hike for our Initiatives in Nepal. Hike for Hope. 



The Details: 

  • Where?  Mt. Bierstadt (one of the most popular 14’ers in Colorado!) Meet at Guanella Pass Trailhead Parking Lot
  • When? 6am on July 24th (An early start but ensures all our friends summit before the summer thunder storms role in!)
  • Why? Hike for Hope. In other words, we want you to hike for a purpose. Whether its for our initiatives or your own personal goals, join us in a time to summit Mt. Bierstadt for an initiative, a person, a dream, or a hope.Hike for Hope Web Image Final Draft with Limited Info

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