3 Days left in year-end efforts

As we roll into the final 3 days of 2016 and we celebrate our successes and reflect on our challenges for the year, we’re hoping that you will continue to support girls’ education. The year was filled with great successes and great disappointments around the world. We proved that we can make incredible progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. Still, around the world we saw mass exodus, war, strife, drought and shortages. While progress was made for women’s rights and empowerment, education and economic development setbacks abound.

And now a new wave of political pressures and potential conflicts along with the challenges of global warming are pressing in on our gains for women and girls.

If you have yet to support us this year, or you can make one final gift we implore you — NOW is the time. In our final 3 days of the year we can make a statement for progress and hope as we move forward. Make a statement of Yes, to women and girls. Yes, to Education. Yes, to making change. Yes, to Action. Yes, to building classrooms and communities. Yes to Edge of Seven.

This past year you helped Eo7 do the following:

  • Built a computer classroom in Salleri, Nepal for girls getting their 11th and 12th grade education
  • Built 6 classrooms in 3 villages in the Solukhumbu in Nepal
  • Supported 3 villages in developing their own skills at development
  • Built a Women’s Training Center in Rwanda to support a women’s coop
  • Continued support of the Women’s Resource Center in Kenya
  • Developed a new women’s business training program set to unveil in 2017

What will you help us do in 2017?
In the last three days you can help women and girls in the developing world by reposting, liking, or retweeting this information to all your friends and neighbors. Will you make a final donation for the year? Or perhaps you can email your friends and co-workers to join us in our efforts in Southeast Asia and East Africa. Anything you can do is a big help.

For those of you who have already donated, already supported, already joined us at events, and donated your time — THANK YOU! You are the reason that we can help so many women and girls around the world.

Interested in a Special Offer?
We are offering up a special  effort called 14for7=42set up a recurring monthly donation for $14 dollars and Eo7 gets a 200% bonus ($28) from Global Giving. That’s $42 for Eo7! SET UP YOUR 14for7=42 DONATION TODAY.



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