What’s ahead for the remainder of the year at Edge of Seven

Eighteen months after the 2nd of two earthquakes in Nepal the challenges keep coming. You may be feeling a bit scattered or full of trepidation after the recent election in the US if you’re one of our American donors. There is a bit of a sense of an earthquake (metaphorically) as things have been truly shaken up and we’re not sure what will happen next.

But in Nepal where we’re working on very fundamental issues of justice, education, women’s rights and girls’ education we can tell you that progress isn’t lightning quick. We make a little bit of progress each day, month, quarter and year. This past year we worked hard to finish the schools that had the highest priority and we’re now looking at the next set of schools to get girls back into the classroom and learning.

It isn’t a big, exciting, dramatic piece of work. We build wall by wall and a person by person to build their capacity to take on whatever their next challenge is in the rural, remote villages where we work. We work in the Solukhumbu of Nepal east of Kathmandu and south of Mt. Everest.

We have identified a list of approximately 35 buildings in this area (all school buildings at this point) that need to be rebuilt or scraped and built over — this time using the government approved, earthquake-resistant model that we’re using now. Yes, it’s more expensive than previous models, but it is government approved and is highly resistant to the tremors that may be felt over the lifespan of the building.


This fall we’re putting the final touches on the buildings completed over the last year. We’re including electrical wiring, furnishings and the small touches that help to create a sense of pride and ownership in these community owned buildings. And think about how these buildings build community as well. We work with local partners to lead and train the community where we work. Each community has a new School Building Committee led by villagers who are ready to take the next steps in leadership, ownership, commitment, and long-term focus.

Because we care so much about replicating each locally controlled and locally led School Building Committee we’re working very hard right now to  complete our End of Year Campaign. The campaign has a number of parts and we’d love for you to join us. Here are some of the things that you can check out and support girls’ education by doing — and know that we’re using Global Giving as our platform for the giving because it gives you and us the confidence that donations are being managed well.

So check out these great opportunities:

  • GIVING TUESDAY — on November 29, please make a donation through Global Giving onto this project (https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/eof7communitydevelopment/). No fees this day and we can access $500K in matches just for making a donation this day (matches for each donation 50%)
  • Colorado Gives Day — on December 6, please make a donation through our website to help us access multiple matches in their special fund of $1M. You can also schedule your donation NOW for December 6th at https://www.coloradogives.org/edgeofseven
  • Throughout December — throughout the month of December we’re sending all our donors to Global Giving to help us fund the next set of schools we’re building in Nepal. And as a special bonus if you set up a new recurring donation Global Giving will match the first donation 100% — yes double that first recurring gift! https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/eof7communitydevelopment/
  • Educate a Girl — special Documentary Screening of “Educate a Girl” on December 13, 2016 at the Posner Center for International Development in Denver. We’re going to have a special holiday gathering of supporters and staff and preview this great documentary. See https://eagscreening.eventbrite.com for info and tickets.

We’re so excited for you to join us and support girls’ education in whatever way you can. Even small donations of $10 are greatly appreciated since several of the matching and bonus programs that benefit us are based on whether we can get only 30 new donations! Any amount helps —

So while it may seem as if there was a disturbance in the political equilibrium in the US, there is still a great deal of work to do where the real earthquakes have occurred in Nepal. This also gives you a great way to make some positive change for some very real people who need our help. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about our work in Nepal or in East Africa.


Great Granddaughters event recap

In case you missed it… Great Granddaughters – The Recap

On October 6th, 2016, Edge of Seven hosted its annual event and celebration of girls’ education. The event title and theme this year was “Great Granddaughters,” which emphasizes Edge of Seven’s principle of focusing on future generations. It’s one thing to serve and impact the populations of today, but Edge of Seven strives to create change that will endure beyond the women and girls of today, and continue to improve life for their great granddaughters, too. We keep future generations in mind when we build schools with infrastructures that can endure natural disasters, when we teach women and girls skills that they can pass on to their families, and when we reach out to rural communities to find out what they need to thrive on their own.


We kicked off the evening at the Summit Church with drinks, delicious Nepali cuisine from Sherpa House in Golden (http://ussherpahouse.com/) and a silent auction for attendees to browse and cast bids. Some of the silent auction items that were available included jewelry pieces by Kendra Scott, a group wine tasting package at Bonacquisiti Wine Company, Patagonia sweaters, Icelantic Skis, brewery tours, and EarthTreks Climbing Center passes. Overall there were 65 items in the silent auction!

Shannon Galpin delivered a beautiful and inspiring keynote presentation for our event, describing some of the work she has done with empowering girls in Afghanistan through bicycles! Shannon is the founder of Mountain2Mountain and Combat Apathy, amongst other projects, and works with the women’s cycling team of Afghanistan. The women of this boundary-breaking cycling team are some of the National Geographic Adventurers of the Year for 2016 ( http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/adventurers-of-the-year/2016/afghan-women-cycling-team/ ), a title that Shannon Galpin also earned herself in 2013 ( http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/adventurers-of-the-year/2013/shannon-galpin/ ). You can read more about Shannon’s activist and non-profit work here: http://shannongalpin.com



We also held a live auction after Shannon’s presentation to further raise funds for Edge of Seven’s projects. Guests went home with African safari trips in their future, Denver date night packages, a Nepalese dinner for 10, a Breckenridge ski home for 3 nights for 15 people, and even a pair of brand new skis from Golden-based Icelantic Skis!

We had a great turnout of about 180 people that came together in the mutual interest of empowering girls around the world through education and economic opportunities. Thank you to all of our attendees, donors, sponsors, and volunteers who were a part of Edge of Seven’s event this year. It is truly thanks to your time, support, and generosity that Edge of Seven has the tools to change lives in Rwanda, Nepal and Kenya. The funds raised from Great Granddaughters will create concrete impacts that will last for generations.

It is easy to fall into a discouraged mindset when one thinks about how many girls around the world simply do not have equal rights and opportunities to education, but the vast support for Edge of Seven’s mission and projects that we saw at this event was nothing short of beautiful and encouraging. The passion and understanding of the necessity of girls’ education is spreading, and while the world is far from achieving universal education, actions are being taken, and positive change is happening on a global scale. Edge of Seven will continue to support sustainable infrastructure projects and educational programs that empower women and girls around the world until rural and developing communities are able to grow independently, with women who are just as successful as men.

Here’s to another year of education, empowerment, and new opportunities for women and girls to thrive around the world!


Special thanks to our Changemaker Sponsors!

OTUBNS & Conscious Real Estate Co Branded Logo - 300 DPI


Our event sponsors, Conscious Real Estate and Jacalyn Gallegos Mortgage Loan Originator, help support organizations like ours through real estate. When you buy a home with the Conscious Real Estate/OTUBNS partnership, Conscious Real Estate will contribute 10% of their commission to our organization and OTUBNS will add an additional $500.


Last Day for Early Bird Tix to Great Granddaughters

Early bird tickets on sale today through midnight for our Event coming up this Thursday (10/6). Tickets include complimentary Nepali food from Sherpa House in Golden, free beer and wine, child care, and great keynote presentation (6pm) from @sgalpin (Shannon Galpin). Doors open at 5pm for the event at The Summit Church in the RiNo Arts District — (3300 Larimer St). See you there! More info and tickets: https://2016edgeof7.eventbrite.com


Ok, so we’re doing a pretty cool thing. It started with a bunch of folks inside the Posner Center doing the exact same work, getting ready for a bunch of different events. “You’re doing that? We’re doing that. You’re doing that too?” The idea took hold that cooperating might get them more than all being on their own.

So the cool thing grew into the idea that all these groups putting on fundraisers could support each other by collaborating through interns. The Posner Center (www.posnercenter.org) supported them with an International Collaboration Fund Grant: The “Fundraising Event Support Test,” or FEST.

Posner-Fest-graphicEssentially the nine Posner tenants who are all putting on events are sharing two interns over a 6-month period to do two simple things. One, solicit sponsors and two, to solicit in-kind gifts to auction off at their events.

Aside from the $23,000 worth of in-kind gifts collected so far, the effort has also yielded a unique and interesting sponsor. The key sponsor is Conscious Real Estate and OTUBNS who are dedicated to utilizing their business for the benefit of nonprofits at the Posner Center.

OTUBNS & Conscious Real Estate Co Branded Logo - 300 DPI(https://www.facebook.com/TheConsciousGroup/ or

The partners will donate 10% of the commission plus $500 for each sale coming from the events’ attendees back to the customers’ NGO’s of choice. The FEST group gets a sponsor, plus additional donations, CRE gets to attend events and win new customers and collectively we’re practicing collaboration with the corporate world. That kind of win-win-win is an important part of our test.

In the international development space a hot topic is collective impact, or how we can move from isolated interventions to greater cross-sector coalitions and efforts (SSIR: http://ssir.org/articles/entry/embracing_emergence_how_collective_impact_addresses_complexity). The idea of utilizing a realty company and a mortgage broker in this way inside a coalition of nonprofits is a micro-example of embracing collective impact and creating an environment where impact emerges from within a simple system.

2015_NP_EC_100515_4108(Women at a work-site to rebuild a school in Salleri, Nepal – photo courtesy Edge of Seven)

So this test of how to support events is not only about sharing an intern or raising money, but rather about how to start to rethink sponsors and their relationship to organizations. Sure it’s great that there is financial support. But perhaps the biggest win so far is building a relationship in which both partners win and are supported. This is the part of FEST that seems to have the biggest replication upside.

Thanks to the Posner Center for funding this FEST test.

For a list of the nine organizations involved and an overview of the sponsor options please see this webpage and the overview PDF. http://www.posnerfest.org

Peter Mason, Executive Director, Edge of SevenEdgeOfSeven_BrandingStandards
Principal Investigator, FEST


Hike for Hope

Hike For Hope Event Brite Banner


Edge of Seven and our partners at The Small World in Nepal have a hope. We hope for the breakdown of the barriers to girls’ education.  We hope to do more than just build schools. We strive to learn from our friends in the rural communities we work in. We strive to support and inspire. We help build Hope.

Thus, in celebration of the hopes we have and have created, we present a Hike for Hope.

Hike Mt. Bierstadt 

Mt Bierstadt is one of Colorado’s favorite fourteeners. Join us in a challenging but doable hike for all ages for a common purpose. As part of this Hike for Hope, we will include giving the ceremonial and traditional Khatta to all participants. We also include another Edge of Seven item included as a thanks for participatign in our hike.


Speak with our Executive Director and learn about Nepal, the people we are hiking for, and our global intitatives. Other members of the Edge of Seven team will also be hiking and happy to speak more about Edge of Seven and our goals.


So join us. Hike for a Purpose. Hike for our Initiatives in Nepal. Hike for Hope. 



The Details: 

  • Where?  Mt. Bierstadt (one of the most popular 14’ers in Colorado!) Meet at Guanella Pass Trailhead Parking Lot
  • When? 6am on July 24th (An early start but ensures all our friends summit before the summer thunder storms role in!)
  • Why? Hike for Hope. In other words, we want you to hike for a purpose. Whether its for our initiatives or your own personal goals, join us in a time to summit Mt. Bierstadt for an initiative, a person, a dream, or a hope.Hike for Hope Web Image Final Draft with Limited Info