International Women’s Day 2017

Today we celebrate the enduring strength of women all around the world … and recommit ourselves to fighting even harder for girls’ education and women’s empowerment. On this International Women’s Day, we recognize the incredible value that women of all backgrounds add to every socio-economic system around the world — while receiving lower wages, experiencing greater inequities, discrimination, harassment, and economic insecurity.
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D365-w52-m12 — Thank you for a wonderful year

Thank you for a wonderful year at Edge of Seven. We have been consistently blessed by all our supporters, donors, volunteers, interns, friends, family and staff. All of you — Thank you so much. We’ve done great work this year and celebrating it with you all through email, social media, meetings, events, videos, blog posts, and phone calls is an incredible experience.

This year saw us evolve as we built classrooms AND communities. We supported new families and communities in Rwanda where we built a Training Center for a coop that needed space to train, to office and to store their crops. This vital space allows them to continue on their path of economic empowerment for the families and their community. This effort is exactly what we want to be doing — putting effort into building spaces AND communities themselves to succeed.

Our work in Nepal demonstrated this as well. We worked to support our on-the-ground partners in building classrooms while also building up “School Building Committees” to be vibrant agents of change in their villages and districts. This double-benefit effort creates systems that yield community ownership and empowerment by decreasing dependency. We continued our work in Naro Moru, Kenya on the Women’s Resource Center.


All of you helped us to make that happen. Thank you. We will keep moving forward in 2017, with your incredible support in all the ways that you give it. To all of you who have already given gifts of time, support, encouragement and money — THANK YOU. For all of you who wait until hour 20-24 of day 365 to make your donation — THANK YOU TOO — and don’t wait too long 😉

If you have it in your plans for one last gift (or your first) this year, we are only $2796 from our goal on Global Giving. This special project helps us build new classrooms and communities in Nepal and you can also get a bonus by setting up a recurring donation here where your first donation will be matched 200%  — should you wish to give generally to the organization please give through our Colorado Gives site:

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, volunteers, interns and supporters have a great final few hours of 2016 and ‘here’s to the start of a wonderful New Year.’

— Peter Mason, Executive Director


International Women’s Day is every day

While today may be International Women’s Day ( sponsored by the UN and there may be a brief uptick in awareness, realize that some organizations hold this as their motto for 365 days a year.

Edge of Seven works every day toward creating access to education for girls and to break down barriers to women achieving the skills they need to start a business, improve their family or community, and to begin to escape from poverty.

It’s not a one-day salute, but a daily mission to make things better.


Build classrooms. Build dorms for girls in Salleri Nepal with “The Small World” so they can attend school instead of walking for days to get to a school. Build a women’s resource center in Naro Moru (with the community group ACCESS) so women can build their own businesses. Work with communities in the Solukhumbu in Nepal to install a water supply. Build temporary learning centers after the earthquakes in Nepal so that there is a roof over the girls when they go to school during the monsoon. Install a computer classroom to help girls achieve their full potential. Work with “Africa Development Promise” to build a warehouse-office in Rwanda for a women’s coop so that they can build a better life for their families.

And let’s not rest on our laurels and “celebrate.” Let’s look at all the amazing and powerful things that we can do right now to make the lives of women and girls better in the developing world. Today Edge of Seven is launching 3 of the 7 new school buildings in the Solukhumbu that will keep girls in school. All 7 buildings (14 classrooms) will be completed this year. But even better is that next year that number will go from 7 to 28 buildings! We have to and we will do more — do better — make more strides for women and girls around the world. And not on one day, we’ll do it — every. single. day.

I hope that you will join us. Like our facebook page ( or follow us on twitter ( or make a donation. If you’re interested in joining us this year to see our work in the field shoot us an email (  and we’ll contact you with details.

Yea! for International Women’s Day. Now let’s go celebrate the next 297 days this year by doing good work.

Cheers — Peter Mason, Executive Director and the rest of the Edge of Seven team and partners

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Get a Yoga Bag from Nepal this February!

Did your New Year’s Resolutions include getting more fit and giving more back? If so, we hope you’ll join us this February as we celebrate love for girls and women across the globe with a special offer for our supporters.

Through a relationship with a very talented women’s collective in Nepal, we’ll be giving away a beautiful, handmade yoga bag to the first 9 people to donate $100 or more to Edge of Seven this month! All donations will go toward our Community Development Program and will help provide education and economic opportunities for girls and women in Nepal. Through our Community Development Program in 2014, we’ll break ground on a second hostel for girls pursuing a higher education at the local university in Nepal’s Everest Region, along with a secondary school in a remote village.

yoga bag

You know you want one!

Your donations will support these projects, and do much more! To get your yoga bag today, simply:

1. Go to our website donation page.

2. Make your donation of $100 or more. Be sure to enter the best email address at which to reach you in the Contact Information form.

3. Write “Yoga bag!” in the Dedication Field and submit.

Once we receive your contribution, we’ll get in touch with you to gather shipping details and allow you to select the yoga bag of your choice (colors will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis).

Happy February, and Namaste!

EO7 Volunteer Jesse Young Working with Earthbags in Nepal! [Photos]

In December, Edge of Seven volunteer Jesse Young, a landscape architect from Denver, spent three weeks in Mankhu, Nepal working with our partner The Mountain Fund on earthbag construction techniques. In order to help train the local community on the building method, Jesse helped break ground on a women’s housing structure being built by The Mountain Fund at a local farm.

In addition to his contribution to this housing, Jesse’s work was also being done in preparation for our upcoming “Earthbags for Women Build” this May, where we will be partnering with The Mountain Fund to build a four room earthbag Community and Education Center for marginalized women who live and work at the farm. The Community and Education Center will include a health post, classrooms for vocational trainings, and community space for the women to meet socially.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help with this project! If you are interested in signing up or getting more information, visit or website or email us at

We are so thankful to Jesse for all of his hard work and will be writing more soon about Jesse’s experiences in Nepal and this exciting project! (And a huge thanks to Manisha Sharma of the Mountain Fund for sharing her photos with us!)

Supplies are ready for the foundation!

Supplies are ready for the foundation!

On site with the community in Mankhu to lay the foundation.

On site with the community in Mankhu to lay the foundation.

Jesse tamping down the bags on the first course.

Jesse tamping down the bags on the first course.

Manisha from the Mountain Fund walks children from Mankhu around the building perimeter.

Manisha from the Mountain Fund walks children from Mankhu around the building perimeter.



Making some gravel for the foundation.

Making some gravel for the foundation.

Site work.

Site work.

Jesse takes a break to help with plowing the fields.

Jesse takes a break to help with plowing the fields.

EO7 volunteer Jesse and EO7 staff member Tamara take time for dal bhat in Mankhu!

EO7 volunteer Jesse and EO7 staff member Tamara take time for dal bhat in Mankhu!

Site work.

Site work.





Push Your Boundaries with a Trip Abroad in 2013!

“If a writer stops observing, he is finished.” – Ernest Hemingway

No matter our occupation in life, most of us can find a way to relate to Hemingway’s quote about how relentless observation helps drive personal growth. By exposing ourselves to new situations, ideas and cultures, we create the space for powerful transformations to occur.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Edge of Seven will be embarking on several new, boundary-pushing initiatives over the next year to create more educational opportunities for girls and women in the developing world than ever before. And we want YOU to join us on a trip!

 In addition to working with two amazing new international partners and taking on our very first project in Africa, we will continue to build on our previous work to bring holistic improvements to communities in rural Nepal where higher education is not widely available to girls.

 In 2013, our work will take us (and hopefully YOU) to:

  • Miririni, Tanzania: Help build a dormitory and school to offer education to local girls;
  • Mankhu, Nepal: Help construct a Women’s Community Center, using the earthbag building method, to provide displaced and abandoned women with vocational training and healthcare;
  • Basa, Nepal: Help create more earthbag classroom space at our higher secondary school and build a female-sensitive sanitation system to increase school attendance rates for girls;
  • Solukhumbu Region, Nepal: Calling all high school students for our “Bold Explorations” trip, aimed at delivering adventure, improving leadership skills and promoting cross-cultural understandings.

Please check out more details about our upcoming trips  on our website and contact us today if you’re interested in taking a life-changing trip in 2013 or would like to support these projects here in the U.S.!

Clear Skies at Namche Bazaar, but Snow in Denver!

This morning we received word that our trekkers have made it to Namche Bazaar, the famous trekker outpost in the Khumbu Region of Nepal which is seated at 11,290 feet. Word is they arrived in good spirits and were greeted by clear blue skies and stunning views of the Himalayas! Next, they’ll descend down to the village of Phuleli, where Edge of Seven recently completed a primary school for Grades 7 and 8.

Namche Bazaar, Photo from Wikipedia

Meanwhile, here at a lowly 5,280 feet here in Denver, our staff woke this morning to snow-covered trees!